An absolut world

Absolut, the Swedish vodka distiller and subsidiary of Pernod Ricard, NY (importer of a number of brands such as Beefeater, Ballantines, Glenlivet, Chivas Regal, and Kahlua) has an ad program developed, according to the vision statement of its ad company, to act as a “tool for change.” Apparently, one of the changes that Absolut and Pernod Ricard support is the return of the American southwest to Mexico. This is an “Absolut World”


Hat tip to Drudgereport and Michelle Malkin. It’s nice to know how Absolut and Picard view American sovereignty. You can guess what brands I am *not* going to be serving at my next party. I can’t wait until their next suggestion for social change:

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The Lynching of Charlie Siebert, Part 3

UPDATE: Read my disclaimer. Don’t run crying to my employer. They have nothing to do with this.

This is the third in my series on the politically motivated witch hunt against Dr. Charles Siebert for making a politically incorrect, but medically correct, diagnosis.
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Well, it’s been an interesting few months on the Charlie Siebert front. The scientific consensus on sickle cell trait deaths has emerged, and is in Dr. Siebert’s favor — not that the Medical Examiner Commission cares. Recently, the National Athletic Trainers Association has put out a consensus statement noting that exertional sickle cell trait deaths are an important risk, and constitute a major cause of death among athletes.

The new State Attorney has recognized that this is a political witch hunt, and appointed Dr. Siebert as interim Medical Examiner while they look for his replacement. This, of course, sent the Medical Examiner Commission into an apoplectic fit, and they have attempted to get Governor Crist to fire Dr. Siebert by executive order. A class act, those guys.

Since the attacks on Dr. Siebert’s competence have proved hollow, and since his diagnosis has been proven correct, the attacks by the MEC and associated coterie have shifted to attacks on his “ethics.” In particular, the attacks state that he did not dissect some of the trivial incidentals in the way he stated. This is laughable on two counts. On the first count, of course, this sidesteps the fact that he got the diagnosis correct and his critics got the diagnosis wrong. On the second count, it is simply false, and requires that one parse his autopsy in order to pretend that it does not say what it says.

For instance, Dr. Siebert’s autopsy states that “the thyroid is red brown and not enlarged.” His critics state that he did not completely dissect the thyroid, and thus could not have noted this. This is, of course, completely false. What Dr. Siebert did was observe the thyroid in situ (noting its color) and palpated it (noting its size). Not only is it possible to note exactly what Dr. Siebert noted, but the limits of that description also indicate that the description is specifically consistent with the type of dissection he did. This is not uncommon in autopsies where it is known that the death is not thyroid-related.

For those who are not used to this kind of thing, here is a photograph of an organ block dissected in the manner of Dr. Siebert. The overlying musculature is not cleared away, but the color of the organ is obvious. Further, if you can imagine running your fingers over it, its size would be equally obvious. Thus the description by Dr. Siebert is correct and reflects his dissection. His critics continue to simply fabricate charges.


UPDATE: To those of you unused to blogs, click on the photo to enlarge.

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Oh No!


Imagine my horror when I walked into my office this morning to find this disgusting crime scene. There’s nothing worse than nutcracker’s inhumanity (innutcrackerity?) to nutcracker. (Thanks to my staff — you know who you are).

We Remember


Today is the day the Japanese launched their surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and the US entered World War II. Today we remember both the men and women who died in that infamous attack, as well as all of those who gave their lives, their health, and their posessions so that we may have what we have today. We remember, and we salute you.

Pearl Harbor, Dec 7 1941

The above photograph is from the Navy history site.

Another important site is Here is a history of the battleship USS Arizona there. You can go to that site and read reminiscences of Navy veterans from WWII to today.

Yummmmm…. Coffee

The left has had a lock on politically correct food for way to long. Here’s our chance: Contra Cafe — coffee grown by folk who fought for the Nicaraguan contras, which some of you may remember were pro-west revolutionaries against the Sandanista communist government. After the, er, regime change and Nicaragua reverted to democracy, many retired and became coffee farmers. This company specializes in their coffee (motto: “Wake up with freedom fighters!”). I bought a couple of pounds. It’s pretty good!

Contra Cafe coffee