Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11



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Howard Dean endorses John McCain

March 29th, 2008 by admin

Howard Dean makes an interesting point:

“The real issue is this. Who would you rather have in charge of the defense of the United States of America, a group of people who never served a day overseas in their life, or a guy who served his country honorably and has three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star on the battlefields of Vietnam?”

Of course, that was when John Kerry was running for president. He doesn’t seem to value those medals quite so much, now. H/T Instapundit.

As Mr. Tapper notes at the link above, ” McCain, by the way, has been awarded the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit, two Bronze Star Medals, a Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross.”

Of course, gallantry in battle is evidence of character, but is not necessarily evidence that one would make a great President, as President Grant demonstrated. What’s really amusing is that Dean, like Obama and like Hillary (but unlike McCain) will simply say whatever it takes; truth has *no* meaning for them.

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“Don’t accuse me of violence, or I will kill you.”

March 28th, 2008 by admin

Such is the message of peace from the Islamacists. The more dramatic proponents of the Religion of Peace are demonstrating their peaceful intentions. As you can see in the article below, the death threats against LiveLink have caused them to suspend Fitna. I don’t think these guys understand that threatening people with death is not a way to demonstrate how accusations of violence are false. So far, it’s still on Google Video, but who knows, maybe the Islamofascists will threaten them out of it, too. If something is so threatening that people who show it must be killed, there must be something to it. Hat tip Instapundit.

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Those wacky Anglicans

March 27th, 2008 by admin

What’s up with the Anglican church in England. First there’s the Anglican priest who says she’s both “Christian and Islamic.” Then there’s the Archbishop of Canterbury who says that sharia is OK, and now there’s the Anglican vicar who has rewritten the Bible in rather bizarre ways in order to make it “more accessible.” The fact that the stories have little relationship to the actual Bible isn’t a problem, he says because “After all, who knows what the point is?” Indeed, if your clergy can’t be bothered to figure it out, why bother at all?

No wonder traditional liberal Christian traditions are bleeding members. They have abandoned Christ and stand for nothing.

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It pays to be a racist

March 27th, 2008 by admin

Race hatred pays well nowadays. The David Dukes of the world come in all colors.  I guess when Wright said that his followers should eschew “middleclassness” he meant they should skip it on the way to “John Edwardsness.”  We know which of the “two Americas” to choose…

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What Europe and Network Solutions do not want you to see

March 27th, 2008 by admin

Geers Wilder, Dutch MP, has made a 15-minute movie on the Islamization of the Netherlands. The Dutch government and the EU have attempted to censor it. Network Solutions, the US company hosting censored the very mention of the movie (the movie was not hosted there, merely the statement that it was coming — and Network Solutions took down the site).

Of course, with Europe running towards dhimmitude, you expect nothing better than this. There is no excuse for Network Solutions’ cowardice, particularly since they have no problem hosting pro-jihadist sites. I guess you choose your sides. Hat tip: LGF. Little Green Footballs has been covering this pretty closely.

Update: Obviously, the jihadists have imposed their version of peaceful discussion on LiveLeak. At the moment, it’s still at Google Video.

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Well, I feel safer

March 18th, 2008 by admin

A colleague of mine, Howard Adelman from New York, shared this story.  Somehow, it doesn’t surprise me. He has a friend who is a New York cop who  had to fly out to California to bring home a fugitive.  The cop went to airport security and showed them his badge, his handcuffs, his credentials, his orders … and his 357 magnum which he had to keep with him at all times even on the airplane).  The TSA agent said fine,  told him to keep his gun out of sight but added that they would still have to go through his carry-on baggage.  Everything went fine… until they saw his toothpaste.  He was amazed and said, “You’re letting me on the airplane with my 357 magnum – and you confiscated my TOOTHPASTE?”  Without even a smile, the security guard said, “That’s true.”

Another colleague wrote that, obviously, it must have been assault toothpaste.

(Update: story used with Howard’s permission).

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