Obama throws God under the bus

Along with his grandmother, his pastor, hist nutroots supporters and his principles, our President-elect has now decided to throw God under the bus.  The man with the deep religious principles forgot one small thing about Thanksgiving.  God.  No surprise.  Personally, I think it’s a little early for a President-elect to decide that God is more of a liability than a benefit, but I guess Obama’s political calculations seem to be working.

“Moderate” proponents of Religion of Peace in US refuse to denounce Mumbai massacre

Proponents of the Religion of Peace embracing mass murder and crimes against humanity as the ultimate expression of their faith are simply no longer news.  Nor unfortunately, is the habit of “moderate” proponents refusing to denounce it.  It’s amazing to watch, actually, Christianity is under increasing attack primarily because it has largely rejected violence as a response to criticism.  In contrast, these same critics are bending over to accomodate the Religion of Peace. Thus, schools ban Christmas and celebrate Ramadan.  Clearly what modern evangelical atheists *respect* is hatred and violence, and they hate Christianity primarily because it has become so non-violent.  There is no other explanation.  H/T  LGF

Update:  Two of the victims murdered by the Religion of Peace:


H/T Powerline , the source of the image.

New terms of service.

Orin Kerr, over at Volokh Conspiracy has been commenting on the new decision in the Lori Drew case, in which a jury found that violating a web-page’s Terms of Use constitutes a federal crime punishable by one year of prison for each visit to the blog page.  Mr. Kerr  has promulgated a number of things that it seems I have to do now, and I thought I would follow suit.

As I’ve noted in previous posts, I welcome our  new Socialist overlords, and think that this is just one more step in the right direction.

By reading this site (and, alas, here you are), you agree to:

1) Vote Republican in the next election.

2) Pray to Jesus before every meal.

3) Brush after every meal.

4) Floss regularly.

5) Wear loud ties.

Just doing my little bit.  Go now, and sin no more — or go to jail :-)

H/T Volokh, of course.

How the Iraq War saved 300,000 lives

The Iraq War as as humanitarian success.  Of course, Obama and the Dems would have been *much* happier with opression and greater death, and are still arguing that’s the way to go.  I guess defeat is still acheivable if Obama, Reid, et al. have their way, but I don’t think they will get there now.  Of course, with socialized medicine, assault on the second amendment, punitive taxation, and destruction of free speech, they may be able to start towards those goals in the US.  H/T Volokh Conspiracy.

Update: Link fixed.  Also, there’s a correction.

Gun control fanatics would rather see children dead than protected

A new study on dealing with school and mass killers had two major findings.  Neither is surprising.  The first is that it’s better to intervene as soon as possible.  The tactic of surrounding the school and waiting until all your ducks in a row is deadly.

The second is that “The other statistic that emerged from a study of active killers is that they almost exclusively seek out “gun free” zones for their attacks.”   That’s right folk.  These guys choose places where the gun control fanatics have fixed so that they’ll be as safe as possible.  No surprise, of course, to any thinking person.  But that won’t change any minds.  The gun control fanatics would rather see children dead than give up their gun hysteria.  H/T Instapundit — again!

Dude, where’s my global warming part 4, or how Bush saved the planet

Turns out that the earth has cooled significantly since Bush took office.  Since we know that all environmental effects were the “fault” of President Bush, I guess he gets the credit for fixing global warming.  If the earth starts to warm again once Obama gets in office, will it be his “fault?”  Maybe the environmentalists will want to get Bush back in!  Nawww.  It never had anything to do with global warming *or* the environment.  It all has to do with socialist ideology and taking away individual rights. H/T Instapundit.