Obama’s war on success is working!

Obama’s hatred of success in America is bearing fruit.  After deciding to socialize the banks and promulgate hatred against successful bankers, the strangest thing happened on the way to the gulag.  All those talented bankers are now leaving to work for folk who value them — foreign banks. 

Socialists never seem to learn.  As Margaret Thatcher once said “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”  The other problem is that talented people will go where they have the best opportunities.  For decades, the US has benefited from a global “brain drain,” where the best and brightest have come to the US where they know that hard work and talent will bring them success.  Obama and the Dems have redefined that.  The US is now the place where the best and the brightest can come to be demonized and where success is considered evil.  Not surprisingly, the US is starting to become the victim of a brain drain, not the beneficiary.  Good work Obama.  Obama’s vision is that of enforced mediocrity — the old Soviet idea of “they pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.”

It’s not surprising that the recent trip by the Dems to the worker’s paradise of Cuba resulted in such raves for Castro’s success.  It matches Obama’s vision of political success — oppressive government, destruction of liberty, and trickle-up poverty.

What a disaster.

Dude, where’s my global warming, part 7

NASA reports historic solar minimum.  Better get some warm clothing for that global warming.  Of course, that won’t stop Obama from using “global warming” to destroy individual liberty and install his fascist social engineering programs.  When we end up freezing while still paying for cap and trade, he’ll probably claim that his taxes saved humanity.  What a disaster.  A pretentious disaster.

The Obama tobacco tax will kill people, not save lives.

Obama officially threw his claim that he would not raise taxes on the poor under the bus with the new tobacco tax.  It was a huge increase in the tax, and will fall disproportionately on those with less income.  But that’s OK.  We all knew he was lying.  Obama was not elected because we thought he was telling the truth.  We all knew he was lying — we all just felt he was lying to the *other* guy.

Besides, it’s all to save lives, right?  Wrong.  Like all of Obama’s programs, it will merely shift the pain from those who are responsible to those who are not.

Here’s the official Billo prediction.  The draconian artificial tax on tobacco is now high enough to make it worthwhile to break the law to bypass the tax.  As with Prohibition, there will now be a grey and black market in tobacco.  Eventually, people will die — not because of the ill effects of tobacco, but because of the money involved in smuggling and black-marketeering.  Tobacco will kill fewer people, but people protecting illegal profits will kill more.

It’s the same old story.  Marijuana doesn’t kill people.  Marijuana growers with machine guns guarding clandestine fields kill people.   I am not afraid of someone on cocaine.  I’m afraid of the guy stripping the copper pipes out of my house at midnight to fund the black market.  Obama has created a new artificial economy to go along with the government-created illegal drug economy.  Obama will make it profitable to break the law to smuggle tobacco and evade taxes.  In response, Obama will create new task forces and police powers to crack down on the new tobacco black market menace — which will become an entrenched interest group in the government fighting for its share of the taxpayer dollars.  The smugglers will make tons of money smuggling; federal employees will make tons of money protecting the profit margins of the smugglers, and everybody will be happy.  Except those poor innocent shmucks caught in the middle.

And the crime that destroys property, destroys lives, and kills innocent people — like the tobacco tax itself — preferentially hurts the poor.  But screw the poor.  That’s all secondary to keeping the narrative pure.

My personal philosophy is that the person who makes the choice should pay the price.  It’s horrible that smokers get bad diseases, and I wish everybody would quit smoking.  But, you know, if someone has to die because of smoking, it should be the smoker — not some innocent kid who gets a bullet in the brain because he happened to get in the way of the new artificial economy Obama has just created.

Obama — what a freaking disaster.