Obama throws Darfur under the bus

For a minute there, he forgot that he *liked* tyrants and *didn’t* like liberty.  Whew, glad he remembered before he did something stupid and started promoting democracy and human rights. You start doing stupid stuff like that, and you start looking like Bush.  Naw, he’s got more important things to do, like losing a war in Afghanistan.  I wonder if there’s *anything* he wasn’t lying about during his campaign.

What a disaster.

Hope and Change.

I guess kissing Russia’s butt didn’t get Obama very much

Putin knows a buffoon when he sees one.

Obama’s bright idea of betraying our allies in Eastern Europe to buy cooperation from Russia isn’t working out all that well.  Why should Putin pay attention to a country that is walking, open-eyed, into third-world socialist worker’s utopia?  Russia knows where Obama’s ideas about socialism will lead.  After all, they are still recovering from it.  Obama clearly doesn’t have a clue about foreign affairs, and the Dem Congress is focused only on destroying liberty in the US.

What a disaster.

Hope and Change!

Does Bing favor Microsoft Software?

I’ve been playing with Bing a bit, but have found that it’s not as useful at finding resources about Linux and Unix issues as I would have hoped. For instance, I did a search asking the question “How to delete a range of messages in Alpine?” Alpine is a text-based mail reader from U Washington, and the successor to the famous “pine” reader. It is popular among *nix folk.

The Google results took me right to an answer (click on the image to get the full size):


Note that a pointer to the answer is right there on the first line.

Kartoo gets it on the first screen.

Now look at Bing:


No such luck. The first hits all point to Microsoft software that have nothing to do with Alpine. The fifth hit at least went to U Wash and referred to the right software, but discusses usenet news articles, not email messages. No usable answer is found in the first four pages of searching…

I hope that Bing isn’t going to ignore Linux in its search efforts.