Why are the polls so close?

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit quotes Roger Kimball in noting how disastrous the Obama presidency has been. Why, they ask, are the polls so close?

I am, of course, generalizing from my own experience and that of my friends, but I suspect that much of it is that so many people who are not Obama fans simply don’t trust either the media or the media-driven polls enough to participate. I live in a swing state, and get at least three polls calling me a week (though I suspect some of them are just fundraisers). I either don’t answer at all, or if caller ID is misleading and i do answer, I hang up immediately up hearing the robo-talk. Most of my friends are the same way.

I suspect the polls are this close in part because so many of the folk who will vote for Romney simply aren’t playing that game any more and are simply waiting for the poll that matters.