Komen for the Cure — You know that thing about not funding abortion clinics? We lied. But thanks for the money, rubes!

What a cluster.  Now, let me say right off that I am not anti-abortion, per se.  From a religious perspective, I don’t believe that ensoulment occurs at conception, so to me an abortion is not “killing a baby.”  I have some cultural problems with the liberal worship of death, both in its obsession with killing fetuses and its taste for killing old people, but that’s a different issue.  But, frankly, if libs want to stop making baby libs and raising them into big ones, that’s fine with me.  It may have gotten  Bush elected in 2000.

What I *do* have problems with is fraud.  A nd, in my opinion, that’s exactly what this is.  Planned Parenthood is an organization devoted to promoting abortions  Period.  But, as I wrote, I have no problem with that.  However, because liberals are fundamentally incapable of telling the truth, Planned Parenthood lies and pretends that it provides “health care” in the form of mammograms and such.  Of course it is a lie, as mutltiple expose’s have shown.  What they provide is “referral” services that consist of saying “Uh, no, we don’t do those.  Have you tried calling somebody?  We’re not sure who, but somebody around here must do them.”  And for that, Dems pretend that they are the only thing standing between the female population of the country and the scourge of breast cancer.

It’s a crock, of course.  And everybody knows it’s a crock.  But, it’s a great way for liberal organizations to fund abortion clinics and lie about it.  As Komen for the Cure has been doing.

Until, of course, those evil expose’s came out.  Then, suddenly, the emperor has no clothes.  And, now that Republicans have the House, it’s not *quite* as easy to lie about it.  So Komen says “Hey, maybe we should be funding breast cancer stuff instead of abortions.”  People who prefer to fund breast cancer treatment  more than abortion were ecstatic, and in one day, donations went up 100%.

But that’s not what the Dems want.  Liberalism has only one sacrament.  Abortion.  And nothing — nothing can get in its way.  It’s OK to lie, to cheat, and to steal to fund it.  So, after some pressure from the big boys, Komen changed its mind.  All you people who want to fund breast cancer stuff instead of abortions?  Screw you.  Ignore the lie, and we’ll pretend that’s not what we’re doing.  But, basically, when it comes to choosing between abortion and treating cancer, we, like all Dems, choose abortion.

The libs are ecstatic, of course.  It’s all about abortion — and if they have to lie and pretend it’s about cancer, that’s fine  Lying is what they do.

But thanks for those donations, rubes.


Update:  Some folk say this is a clever play.  Sounds like wishful thinking to me. If it were true, Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t be dancing.



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