Obama continues his war against small farmers

Socialists hate landowners almost as much as they do “big corporations.” However, of course, socialists who practice crony/state capitalism *love* corporations because they are easy to control. The whole idea is to consolidate power into a few corporations per industry through regulatory barriers to upward mobility and punitive taxation. This has been going on for a long time, but with the Obama administration, has become an overt policy. We will have no new car companies, just subsidized pseudo-state car companies. We will build no new refineries. We have placed a ceiling on small business size in order to stop them from growing to threaten the state-supported business.

And, now, Obama will destroy the remaining family farms and small farming companies. Through the estate tax, the EPA, and hyperregulation, only those companies that have the resources to spend funds to comply will survive. The EPA has destroyed the Central Valley, and now it is going after the small farmer in the midwest. It’s little different than what Stalin did — create artificial famine in order to destroy the small landowner and independent businessman.

Those damned kulaks.

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