5 thoughts on “To demonstrate his love for the “little man,” Obama turns 520,000 small farms over to big agribusiness

  1. eric

    * the big agribusiness conglomerates*

    …who donate almost exclusively to Republicans…

    Complain about estate taxes and the like if you will…but corporate cronyism is more of a feature of Republicans, particularly agribusiness.

  2. billo

    You just make this up as you go along, don’t you? Of course you are wrong. Who were the two largest recipients of money from Monsanto in 2021? McCaskill and Obama.

    And, even if you were right, are you claiming that it’s OK to destroy the family farm in the name of feeding the leviathan. Oh, of course you are. *Anything* is OK if if feeds the leviathan.

    By the way, of the 20 top political money machine PACS, how many gave “almost exclusively” to Democrats? It’s so amusing to see the libs hyperventilating about the Koch brothers, when they are 76th on the list and the Dems *own* the top 20.

  3. eric

    Yes, Monsanto gave a significant majority to Republicans. From the same site you reference:


    In fact, not a single one in that list has a Dem majority.

    Even on your linked page, which is incorrect btw, if you look at the pie charts my argument holds true. And yes, BO and CM got the biggest donations, likely because Monsanto could not afford to have bet on losers, which Akin and Romney clearly were. This was all very clear weeks before the election. Only you and your idol dipshit Instapundit thought Republicans were too smart to care about polls.

    But back to the main point, you have to look at total expenditures and/or percentage expenditures to get the real picture. And that picture is that agribusiness is in the pocket of the GOP.

    And alas you forget the superPACs, thanks to citizens united, you remember…companies are people!:


    Fully trumping your argument, of course. And yes, the Koch brothers, FWIW a company of a couple of brothers, who gave as much as what, thousands upon thousands of Steelworkers? And we all know the superPAC was the preferred vector for Republican activism in this election, with, you know, not having to disclose where your money came from. Where do you think Sheldon Adelson gave much of his money to? Please, enough.

  4. admin Post author

    I see. So in your world, anything less than 51% being given to the Dems is giving — what was your claim — “almost exclusively” to Republicans? And when you give more money the the Democrat presidential nominee than the Republican nominee, that just doesn’t count. Got it.

    Heh. Yeah, forget the first 75 PACs, it’s only the 76th that counts. Got it.

    Oh, my God. You mean for outside organizations, the Dems only got 4 of the top ten instead of all of the top 20? Wow. No wonder you want to outlaw speech by them. I get it. People giving money when they support Dems == good and should be legal. People giving money when they support Republicans — bad and should be thrown in jail.

    And, of course, that still ignores the issue of the post. Why do you and the Dems hate small farmers so much? Or is this another one of those Dem “destroy the village in order to save it” strategies?

  5. Norma

    This is not about parties, Eric. Large corporations contribute to whoever is in power because more laws and regulations help destroy their competition. Yes, it’s the capitalist way and the socialist way, and there’s no party loyalty where profit and power are concerned. But it’s especially the statist way, as businesses in Germany learned 80 years ago. Eventually, the gov’t controls the controllers.

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