7 thoughts on “Why we have a Second Amendment

  1. Eric

    Actually the reason we have a Second Amendment was to preserve Southern slave patrol militias and to prevent the creation of a federal militia that could/would subsume the state militias, potentially disarming them which would have been a de facto emancipation of the slaves (by uprising or by joining a Federal Army)

    But the US Supreme Court has decided this matter so my interpretation is a moot point, and not in my favor.

    Good luck with your armaments against a helicopter gunship.

  2. billo

    Maybe you should crack a history book instead of getting your info from 9/11 Truthers and left-wing actors.


    Were you to do that, you would find just the opposite. The origin of most gun control measures lies in the fear you mentioned. Not the other way around — up to and including the “Saturday Night Special” ban (because only rich white people should be allowed self-defense) and the gun control acts that followed the Black Panthers famous carrying of weapons in Oakland.



    Your last sentence reveals that you know nothing about asymmetric warfare or insurgency.

    I gather you are no longer claiming that it is irrational to believe that Obama will be pushing gun control? All his promises have expiration dates.

  3. Eric

    You are conflating the Second Amendment…you know, the 1700’s, and Republican fear of blacks, you know, the 1960’s, when the NRA was very pro gun control.

  4. billo

    Heh. Did you even bother to read the Cramer piece?

    But, at least we agree that the gun control movement of the 1960s was based in racism.

    Just like it was in the 1700s, 1800s, early 1900s, and today.

    It’s good that the NRA has abandoned its racist support of gun control, isn’t it? It’s unfortunate that the left continues to cling to it.

  5. billo

    That’s exactly what it has done. It’s why it has *millions* of dues paying members. It’s why membership grew by 250,000 in January.

    Your fantasies about the NRA are even more bizarre than your fantasies about US history.

    But, let’s go back to your acknowledgment that the gun-control laws of the 1960s are racist. It’s important that we agree on that. Did you ever bother to read Cramer’s article on earlier laws?

  6. Eric

    Yes, that Cramer piece is a gem. Big surprise…state laws (almost all Southern) want to disarm blacks. Like slaves were here voluntarily as if on some sort of guest worker program. Yes, the travesty is the gun control laws…used as a tool of their racism, but not, you know, the involuntary enslavement of people.

    So while it is convenient for you to cry racism about possible legislation that will apply TO EVERYONE based upon well established history Southern whites oppressing blacks…it doesn’t hold water.

    And, no, the NRA is out of touch with its members. Most NRA members, for example, support robust background checks on gun purchases…all the while Wayne LaPierre froths the party line of gun manufacturers.

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