The new age of Christian martyrdom


It’s not surprising when we have a regime in the White House that is more comfortable with Islamic murderers than people with traditional values.  Obama touts himself as a Christian, at least when he’s not attacking Christian faith or attempting to help other regimes repress Christianity, but he has demonstrated that the murder and imprisonment of Christians around the world is simply unimportant to him.


2 thoughts on “The new age of Christian martyrdom

  1. admin Post author

    Yeah. No problem when Moslems murder Christians. Don’t mention that. Murder of Christians is just fine when Moslems do it. But, hey, let’s see if we can turn it into something against Israel.

    Tell me, Eric, how about how the Palestinian *Moslems* treat Christians as a matter of *policy?* How about: this? Or this? Or this? Or this?

    Not worth mentioning, right?

    Tell me, how many Christians were killed by Israelis last year? How many were killed by Moslems?

    Hey, Eric. What’s the penalty for selling a home to a Jew in Palestine?

    Hey, Eric. What’s the Palestinian position on the Holocaust?

    Hey, Eric. What’s your opinion of Christian genocide by Moslems?

    Hey, Eric. How many Christians are in prison for preaching the Gospel in the Moslem world? How many in Israel?

    Hey, Eric. How many Christians have been killed because of their faith in the Moslem world last year? How many in Israel?

    He Eric. What’s the tax for being a Christian in an Islamic country? What’s the tax in Israel?

    Yeah, there are problems between Palestinians and Israelis. Some of those Palestinians are Christians. And, yeah, some of the radical Jews are radical Jews.

    But there is no Sharia law. There is no *official* position by the government that makes conversion to Christianity a killing offense as there is in Islamic countries. *That* you have no problem with.

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