More Progressive homophobia

It’s never been about race.  It’s never been about gender.  It’s never been about sexual orientation.  It’s only about power and using triggers to control people.  And if you happen to be a person of a minority race, a woman, or a gay and decide to believe in personal liberty, they let you know.  If you want to see racism, listen to Progressives talk about African-American conservatives.  If you want to see gender hatred, listen to Progressives talk about conservative women.  If you want to see homophobia, listen to Progressives talk about gay conservatives.   Progressive haters gotta hate, and they will use any tools available to destroy the people they hate.

Why inequlality is good, and why Progressive utopias turn into hells.

The key is not equality.  The key is mobility.  The only way Progressives make everybody “equal” is to make everybody poor (except the apparatchiks, who do well), destroy the middle class, and enforce strict immobility of wealth and income.  It’s the paradigm for the Democrat party — the millionaires and billionaires at the head of the party live like kings, they hate the middle class, and they want everybody to be poor but subsidized.

HT: Instapundit