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False Rape Accusations Are Not Rare

December 4th, 2005 by admin


A recent look at TruthLaidBear brings up a statement of “outrage” about a judge ruling a rape accusation false. A common theme among those who are outraged is as stated by one such (Shakespear’s Sister) that:

“Yes, there are some women (and men) who file false rape charges. They are, however, rare, usually quickly identified as false, and are almost always thrown out long before trial.”

Having been involved as an expert in a multitude of cases with significant publicity, I know that it is foolish to be certain of guilt or innocence based on news accounts. I do know, however, that the statement above is simply false.

A study of rape allegations in Indiana over a nine-year period revealed that over 40% were shown to be false — not merely unproven. According to the author, “These false allegations appear to serve three major functions for the complainants: providing an alibi, seeking revenge, and obtaining sympathy and attention. False rape allegations are not the consequence of a gender-linked aberration, as frequently claimed, but reflect impulsive and desperate efforts to cope with personal and social stress situations.” ( Kanin EJ. Arch Sex Behav. 1994 Feb;23(1):81-92 False rape allegations. )

In 1985, a study of 556 rape allegations found that 27% accusers recanted when faced with a polygraph (which can be ordered in the military), and independent evaluation showed a false accusation rate of 60%. (McDowell, Charles P., Ph.D. “False Allegations.” Forensic Science Digest, (publication of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations), Vol. 11, No. 4 (December 1985), p. 64.)

One interesting discussion on the internet is at the CrimProf Blog, where this topic was raised, and a number of former AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) comment on this 30% number.

As another review notes:

A “Washington Post� investigation of rape reports in seven Virginia and Maryland counties in 1990 and 1991 found that nearly one in four were unfounded. When contacted by the Post, many of the alleged victims admitted that they had lied.

It is true, of course, that not every accuser who recants had accused falsely. But it is also true that some who do not recant were not telling the truth.

According to a 1996 Department of Justice Report, of the roughly 10,000 sexual assault cases analyzed with DNA evidence over the previous seven years, 2,000 excluded the primary suspect, and another 2,000 were inconclusive. The report notes that these figures mirror an informal National Institute of Justice survey of private laboratories, and suggests that there exists “some strong, underlying systemic problems that generate erroneous accusations and convictions.”

That false allegations are a major problem has been confirmed by several prominent prosecutors, including Linda Fairstein, who heads the New York County District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Unit. Fairstein, the author of “Sexual Violence: Our War Against Rape,â€? says, “there are about 4,000 reports of rape each year in Manhattan. Of these, about half simply did not happen.”

Craig Silverman, a former Colorado prosecutor known for his zealous prosecution of rapists during his 16-year career, says that false rape accusations occur with “scary frequency.” As a regular commentator on the Bryant trial for Denver’s ABC affiliate, Silverman noted that “any honest veteran sex assault investigator will tell you that rape is one of the most falsely reported crimes.” According to Silverman, a Denver sex-assault unit commander estimates that nearly half of all reported rape claims are false.

A 1997 “Columbia Journalism Reviewâ€? analysis of rape statistics noted that the 2% statistic is often falsely attributed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and has no clear and credible study to support it. The FBI’s statistic for “unfounded” rape accusations is 9%, but this definition only includes cases where the accuser recants or the evidence contradicts her story. Instances where the case is dismissed for lack of evidence are not included in the “unfounded” category.

Moreover, the DNA exoneration project is revealing numerous cases of false conviction. In one case, an alleged rapist was identified by the alleged victim, and spent 19 years in jail for a crime he did not commit.

While most of my practice has involved people who are clearly victims, in my image processing consultation practice I have seen multiple cases of false accusation of assault and rape. In one case, a man and a woman, both in the Navy but assigned to different ships, met and had sex while on liberty in Bahrain. The next day, the man approached the ship to which the woman was assigned and asked to see the woman to see if she wanted to go on another date. He was immediately arrested and charged with rape. Upon examination, the physical examination of the woman did not support the kind of assault she said happened, and image processing analysis of the skin injuries showed patterns inconsistent with her story. When asked for samples of the clothing and jewelry she was wearing at the time, she claimed that she had destroyed or burned them. Eventually the woman recanted and admitted the sex was consensual. It turned out that the woman was also sleeping with a noncommissioned officer also serving on the ship she was serving on, who was the person the alleged assailant asked permission of to board on the night he was arrested. When faced with her one night stand asking her lover for permission to board the ship to ask her for another date, she decided to claim rape rather than admit being unfaithful.

Unfortunately for the alleged “rapist,” this did not unfold quickly. The young man was under suscpicion (and assigned to a penal detail) for 18 months before the recantation. By that time, his military career had been ruined.

In a second case, there was a divorce and custody battle over the children. In this case, the mother appeared at the ER with significant bruising and claimed that the husband (who was living in different quarters) had beaten her. He was also arrested, but was released on bail. His only salvation was that he tapped his own phones. Shortly before the trial and subsequent custody hearing, the wife called and bragged about injuring herself in order to get custody of the kids.

I do not know the truth in the case in question, and neither to the other bloggers. However, the claim that false accusations are rare is simply untrue. One may disagree with the judgment in an individual case — there are plenty of false convictions and false acquittals in any real world justice system — but the promulgation of the false idea that accusations should be accepted uncritically is a bad thing.

UPDATE:  A new study from India shows similar results.  I have not read the original study, so can’t comment critically.  However, it found that in India, 18.3% of rape accusations are done out of malice.  Here’s a reference to it.


Following an Instalanche (thanks, Glenn), a couple of other folk have linked to this older article of mine.  Of particular interest is an article by Judy Berman at Salon, who claims that this article, written in 2005, is based on a 2008 (error — it’s 2009)  article in The Forensic Examiner without attribution.  My reply to the Salon site follows:

It is fitting that in an article acting as apologist for false accusations you make one yourself. You claim that in my article on, I derive the information in my blog article from and article in the Forensic Examiner without attribution. This is a false accusation. If you look, you will see that my article was written in 2005, while the Forensic Examiner article was written in 2008. I am pretty good at what I do, but time travel is not yet a skill I have mastered.

Second, in dismissing the studies I cite, you cherry pick a reference to a 2006 article in Cambridge Law Review that reviews studies with a broad range of findings. Were you to actually read that article, you would find that this is an article that is focused primarily on UK issues and reviews findings from a number of countries.

It makes sense that different countries have different findings. Moreover, in contrast to your implication you make that all studies are equal, Rumney does not consider all of the studies of equal quality. In particular, most of the studies are those of police determinations and do not have objective criteria for evaluating those determinations. I chose the studies I chose because they *did* have such criteria.

It is unfortunate that acting as an apologist for the injustice of false rape accusations seems to be a litmus test for feminist solidarity. And it is also unfortunate that the defense of false accusations must be supported by making unfounded accusations against those with whom you disagree.


Another instalaunch. Thanks again, Mr Reynolds. I apologize to folk who got cut off here — I’m running this server from home, and it can get slow, sometimes, when a zillion folk come at the same time…


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  1. Administrator Says:

    My apologies to all the great commenters who have written here in the past year. As I noted in one o f my previous posts, I suffered a major hardware crash, both of my primary server and my mirror backup, and lost a year’s worth of stuff. If any of you are reading this again, please feel free to repeat your older comment.


  2. Ted Hurlbutt Says:

    I was falsely accused of rape and have not been able to have my arrest removed from my arrest record due to the way the expungement law is written. I feel like my life is ruined. I’m currently looking for some kind of falsely accused support group.

  3. calvin Says:

    I was also falsley accused of rape while I was in the Military. I spent 2 years in the brig and now have to register as a sex offender. It has defenetely ruined my life. And during the whole investigation, it was like guilty until proven guilty. I now have serious trust issues and social issues because of how I was treated. While in the brig I met so many other military members that I know where innocent, but just because some girls pride was hurt or her boyfriend found out she was sleeping around, these soldiers lives are also now ruined. When is there going to be real justice??

  4. admin Says:

    As long as this remains a viable way for people to exercise power, it will be a problem. It’s a societal pendulum — for too many years, society did not treat rape seriously as a crime. Now, the demonization of masculinity has made such accusations a method of achieving social power. One can only hope that eventually it will be treated like a crime and not an ideologic shibboleth.

  5. calvin Says:

    I just don’t find it fair that now because of this incident, i have to walk around the rest of my life with “sex offender” written on my forhead. Did you know that the military has a 92% conviction rate and it has been proven over the last 8 years that over 41% of rape accusations where false. People need to realize that an accusation like that is no joke. You literally ruin peoplse lives. They no longer have rights andmostly people look at them like some type of animal. The stereotypical perspective of a sexual offender is a person that hides in the bushes waiting for the opportunity to jump out, grab a girl and rape her. This society needs to open their eyes more. I would bet that of 80% of the US population has either had sex while under the infuence of drugs or alcohol, which is considered rape, or slept with their girlfriend or boyfriend that was just barely under the age of 18. But yet, so many people are there to throw the first stone. Very sad.

  6. Zo B. Says:

    I read your article above on false accusations and I was surprised that such a report would be released. I frankly thought the world was happy to hear that no false or very little accusations existed and that no one was doing anything to get to the real meat and bones. I have had to go through such an accusation and found not guilty. I have had several angry females either tell me that they would, could or have accused me of rape in my life and I think that they take the validity of the crime away from legitimate victims. My research shows that there is in some cases a misdemeanor chargeable to false accusers, but frankly it should be a felony. It’s not something anyone should be accused of because of anger, the inability to keep a relationship, promise or action from another. Good Job. No what are you gonna do about the results that you found?

  7. admin Says:

    “No[w] what are you gonna do about the results that you found?”

    I’m not sure what you mean. Within my profession, this is pretty well known. The people who promulgate the myths are not in the circles I travel in.

  8. Guy Says:

    I first heard of the article by Charles P. McDowell in the book “The Myth of Male Power”, by Warren Farrell. Do you have any idea how one can get a copy of that article? For instance, is it posted anywhere on the web? I’ve been looking for it, but can’t find it.

  9. admin Says:

    The only thing I would suggest is to contact the Air Force, since it is a USAF publication. It might be available through the DTIC, but it would probably be easier just to call the AFOSI directly and see if they can tell you where to get it.

  10. trikela Says:

    my spouse was falsely accused by my daughter, his stepdaughter on the day i was going to turn her in for AODA counseling. the story has changed, including a lie on the stand at pre-trial. the judge has postponed the arraignment and now the DA wants to talk to me for details. it is a HORRIFIC thing to go through and i hope and pray the truth will come out and my daughter gets helped. when she found out i was going to turn her over to the officer (he was waiting at our home)she called her father whom she had not seen in a year. he immediately filed tro’s on my spouse and me with more accusations. i know she backed herself into a corner and the anger and sadness i feel is almost unbearable. i am astonished at how much this happens, let alone in my life. the media is awful and while we have had several people come forward with support, more have come forward saying they knew of the drugs and other stories of her behavior. is it common for the story to keep changing? i have been reading that once the ‘sympathy’ dies down, another lie has to be added to keep the attention on her. there is so much more, but thanks for listening and offering this blog. it is a place i have been searching for since this began last october. it is a nightmare.

  11. Keith Says:

    I too was falsely accused by a stepdaughter who had estranged herself from the family after getting involved in drugs. If it were not for the loving support of my wife (the accuser’s mother) I am sure I would be rotting in prison at this very moment. As it was I spent many months in solitary confinement (protective custody) for 23 hrs of each horrific day.

    I owe my life to my wife who was there with the truth when it counted most; in the face of injustice. In the three years since my acquittal not a day passes when I do not curse the corrupt government officials and police who could have handled the matter with the professionalism but chose not to do so; on a presumption of guilt. My wife showed great courage and strength. Her strength came from knowing the truth.

    The case hinged on a transcript the police made of the interview of the stepdaughter. The transcript contained over a thousand questions by police in a three hour interview which averaged one question every 11 seconds. This was only possible because over 500 of the answers were either yes or no (any question that solicits a yes or no answer is a leading question). In fact 63% of the questions were leading questions. Forensic analysis of the transcript clearly showed that the police had injected the concept of criminality.

    The case went to court and ended after just 25 minutes because the accuser could not remember any of the details contained in the transcript invented for her by police. The police know what happened but will do nothing, because to do so, would mean they would have to admit they were wrong. They don’t not have the same courage or strength of character my wife has.

  12. admin Says:

    I think that the issue of overly aggressive prosecution is becoming increasingly well-known, particularly with the Duke lacrosse case and the continuous revelations from Dr. Haynes practice in Mississippi. The pendulum has been swinging in the favor of prosecution for some time; perhaps it’s about time that it started in the other direction.

  13. jeanie Says:

    WOW. I have been looking for a site for months now am so greatful I happend to stumble upon this. My Fiance has been accused of RAPE by his ex girlfriends daughter. he is currently in jail, on an a very large bail. I KNOW HE DID NOT HURT THIS GIRL AND I KNOW SHE IS MAKING UP A STORY. Im scared for him because of the judge and jury being prejudice against him and the “WHAT IF QUESTION” sits in the back of peoples mind. Rather be safe than sorry for the poor little girl…..cmon, this is his life!!!!! there is no help out here for him, a public defender who doesnt even have time to brush his teeth in the morning never mind fight for my finace. I am doing all the “dirty work” and have caught both her and her mom in NUMEROUS LIES!!!!!! how do i get my info into the EARS AND EYES OF THE JURY????? CAN ANYONE OFFER ANY ADVICE??????? This is a very scary situation…… I just can not believe these girls go around doing this…… they should be put in jail…..

  14. BLE Says:

    I have recently been accused of rape by a fellow employee..I dont know what to do….

  15. BLE Says:

    Anyone who has been throught this please help….

  16. BLE Says:

    Any Advice will be greatly appreciated…

  17. admin Says:

    Sorry. I know some of the statistics, but I don’t have a clue about what to do if you are actually falsely accused.

  18. Alitienenia Says:

    I wanted to research this subject and write a paper. Your post what a thousand words would not. Nice job.

  19. Bill Schoewe Says:

    I would like to be told the indentity and short bio of the author of the aritcle, False Rape Accusations Are Not Rare. I intend to refer to this article during a trial in which I am representing a man falsely accused of rape in Colo Spgs, CO.

  20. admin Says:

    Mr. Schoewe,

    Do you want a formal consult? I’m a forensic pathologist, not a criminalist or criminologist, so I’m not sure what expert opinion you want. However, if you want to get in contact with me, send email to with your contact information.

  21. Archivist Says:

    I started a blog to chronicle false rape claims in the mainstream news media with the intention of updating it periodically. The trouble was, I found I needed to post every day due to the volume of news stories related to this subject.

    It is astounding, and hurtful, that persons who want to raise awareness about rape feel a need to minimize and outright dismiss false rape claims. The very mention of false claims causes rape advocates to insist they are “rare” or “a myth” or “a bugaboo” and to invoke “underreporting” of real rape as if to say false claims are not a real problem. It’s as if they are saying, “No exponent of patriarchy is going to steal our victimhood on this issue.”

    I would just once like to hear the angry feminist left condemn false rape claims instead of dismissing them by talking about “underreporting” of actual rapes. They would do their constituents a favor because every time a woman or a girl makes a false rape claim, she reduces the credibility of true rape victims. I acknowledge that there are far too many rapes, and we have said many times on our site that young men need to be educated about what “consent” is to help end rape. Why can’t the angry feminist left acknowledge even once that false rape claims are a significant problem and that young women need to be educated about it? Why can’t they acknowledge for one instant that men are destroyed by false claims?

    Two propositions are eminently reasonable and are not inconsistent: First, it is imperative to appreciate the concern that false accusations not dominate the discourse at the expense of dismissing prejudices true rape victims still face in certain respects. Second, removing false accusations from the discourse and dismissing the victimization of falsely accused men as a “myth” or as “rare” is not merely dishonest but morally grotesque. That position denigrates innocent men, substitutes factually incorrect feminist mantras for truth, and is, in fact, as hurtful as the ludicrous assertion that “she asked for it.”

  22. admin Says:


    That’s an interesting blog you have there. I wish that there was some way to get better aggregate statistics on this kind of thing. The problem with all of the instances you collected is that they are easily dismissed as anecdotal — no matter how many you collect. I don’t know of any DoJ projects, for instance, that address this issue.

  23. Archivist Says:

    Yes, yes, yes — anecdotal, in the same sense that all history is a matter of selection. But I do not consider that a “problem” with my Web site, my good man. I collect those accounts not to prove the prevalence of false rape claims but as true-life illustratations of the cavalier manner in which innocent men and boys are treated with respect to this issue. Most important, these accounts almost always support the few serious studies that exist in this area (e.g., Kanin’s), which I frequently reference. Their cumulative effect is chilling.

    DoJ studies, as you must realize, are not sacraosanct and are, in some instances, infected by the same ideologoical nonsense as, for example, the two percent lie, invented from wholecloth (see the Greer law review article I frequently cite).

    And, my dear billoblog, when persons of good will read some of these horror stories and see that this sort can and does happen right here in the USA or in the UK, “anecdotal” or not, their eyes are opened; they are surprised; and their blood boils. I have the fan mail to prove it.

  24. Jason Says:

    I have also been accused of endangering a minor which has turned into rape after a year of the child going to sex abuse therapy. Where’s the justice in that? We have her on tape saying nothing happened, yet her Psychologists is training her to say it did. not fair.

  25. Jamie Says:

    My husband was a victim of a false rape charge which resulted in a dishonorable discharge and de-ranking to an E-1. He was an E-7 and served 13 years in the NAVY prior to this. He now has to register for life as a sex offender all because a judge could not get past his own prejudices. His charges came even after she openly testified that she was unsure as to whether it was consenual or rape and that she was friends with his ex-wife. Now our hands are tied simply because we cannot afford an attorney to fight the false charges. We’ve had several civilan law enforcement and judges review the case, each claiming it was and is bogus. But what options are left when you take money out of the equation?

  26. cindy Says:

    o.k. so what can be done about this? My nephew was falsely accused and a friend of my kids as well. Epidemic? Yes. Definitely. There must be something that can be done. Not only do the accused suffer horribly, but so do the families of those accused. There should be severe penalties for anyone who falsely accuses someone. But collectively, what can we all do to prevent this from happening to others? I have heard the stories. I want to come up with some solutions.

  27. Dejay Says:

    Yes I agree that filing false rape is far more common than the average person realizes. I am the mother of a young man falsely accused. This girl had consensual relations and even supplied alcohol for the interlude and there were other people present in the home that were witnesses that no assault took place. We found out she is mentally ill and has charged other young men in the past. Sadly my son and out family suffered greatly because of this young woman.I would like to see these woman be forced into therapy for treatment because their sick need for attention and pity is a danger to society.

  28. John Says:

    I read a story on Koby Bryant and Rape Shield Laws. I find it very gender biased that Rape Shield Laws aare basically for Women. Heck even statutory rape of teacher student doesnt result in the same when a women teacher has sex with one of her students. And every one just says well thats the way it is. I am being persecuted not prosecuted right now on a Rape charge. To go into details I will not due to my pending defense. But just so it is known she never called the police, the sheriff came out to her house investigating a prior incident about a baseball bat and another one of her sexual partners. and the cop asked her if she had been raped and she said yes. she never volunteered it. I have had to cash in my retirement to mount a defense. While she pays nothing, The prosecutor takes the stance that its for a jury to decide. Even though he has evidence of her drug abuse and lieing to police. not to mention she was having sex with atleast two other men during the same time period. and right after she was supposedly raped she was parting doing drugs and carrying on. While I was awaiting bond she went into my house(she never Lived there) and robbed me, but they wont do anything about that. even when I have cold hard facts of pawned items and such. I CAN PROVE IT and they dont care. One of the guys she was cheating on me with filed a police report that shows when I was serving in IRAQ she was having sex with him for drugs, I was only there for a month and when I came home she greated me at the airport everything was fine and then that night the guy she was cheating on my with came to her house where we were at and tried to attack me with a baseball bat. two sheriffs deputy came to investigate and the one could only stare at her breast the whole time(she has a Boob Job). well low and behold he was the deputy who arrested me. Now for the next wo weeks he went out to see her serveral times over days after the incident??? What is really curious is that she made comment to her best friend about how she wanted to have sex with the deputy. and this was when she was leaving the hospital 3 hours after the alleged rape. Her best friend filed a report on my behalf because she knows she is lying but the prosecutor still says its up to a jury. when does this end. WHAT DOES IT TAKE. since then she moved to a different state and almost lost her kids for Cocaine abuse and various other drugs. But that doesnt matter. I was told by her mother who showed up at one of mycourt dates that when jill wanted the whole thing dropped the prosecutor convinced her not too. and when on to say to her, “your credibility is not an issue”. so basically he told her that if she was lieing that wasnt an issue. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS???? Where Does it end. so my life has been in question. I am an accomplished electrical engineer and work for the government. I I am a former United States Marine. I have served this country for going on 13 yrs. and what protection do I have NONE. while a drub abusing, child neglecting( I could go into this but wont at this time), sexual predator, thief is more believeable then me. the deputy never even investigated my side of the story. never even questioned if she was telling the truth. I believe so he could Look like the hero or something so he could score. Now that is my belief I cannot prove that yet! There is so much more yet that its just incredible. the same week she claimed this her family disowned her because she tried to get her 16 year old niece to smoke pot with her. The 16 year old was devistated and told her mother. I can prove THAT! and still I am the one who is uncredible. I beleive that prosecutors should be help accountable for these actions along with the investigating law enforcement. so that they investigate both sides. Why do tax dollars only get spent to prove one side of the story. This will likley cost me $25,000.00 dollars now and over my life time $150,000.00 because I had to cash in my retirement. Not to include losses of promotion since this will never be off of my record. While she is still doing drugs and just having fun. this doesnt cost her a dime so why not.

  29. vera Says:

    my kids father has been falsely accused of rape, by a family friend diagnosed with dipolar disorder. i have been trying to get in touch with his public defender who will not return my calls to give him information he can use to clear his name.i truely believe he is innocent.i just do not know what to do,my kids father has not held his daughter since she was 2 months and she will be a year old in april.i really need help,they want him to pled guilty to something he did not do and i think that is so wrong.please help me.

  30. doubter Says:

    The real victims in our society aren’t rape victims, but the victims of false rape accusations. These men are entitled to justice and to be fully compensated.

    Time to get tough on the liars. No more coddling the rapists of innocent men!

  31. Tammy Says:

    I am currently trying to find ways to get stronger punishment for women who are falsely accuse men of rape both in military and civilian. Any one who has any advice or help to offer I will take. My husband was accused of rape by a female ssgt in the army. He admitted to the adultery. He has always maintained that it was consinsual. During the investigation his lawyer did. They found out that he was the 3rd man that she had accused of rape. Now we have found out that before his case was totally settled, she has yet again accused 3 more military men of rape. My husband has taken his punishment. He was given a OTH discharge and RE4 code. The only place that he has been able to find work is walmart for 7.50 an hour. While she is still in still gaining rank and still making a good living. I know of several other cases where the men in the case lives were runed while the female is still making a good living. Unless something is done with the women who claim these cases. More men are going to get falsely accused. Please help me change the way that women are punished. There lives should be ruined just as bad as a result of a false report. Why should they be able to use rape as way to get out of trouble.

  32. Boxer Says:

    After reading all this I am scared how my trial is going to be heard.

    This girl slept with three of my friends, and i know few more that had one night stand with her. She came with one of my friend, and now she has accused me of rape. I had sex with her few times before too. she gave it up to me at will. I got a lawyer but dont know how far its gonna go. Hope it wont ruin my life.

  33. Gunner Retired Says:

    False Rape Accusations are but ONE FACET of the Misandric Paradigm that festers in the English speaking world. I quite assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that the breadth and scope of the paradigm transcends mere criminal charges of sexual crimes perpetrated against women and children.
    Tendrils can be found in IRS tax codes, Social Security entitlement codes (specifically SS Title IV-D), VAWA/VAWA II, and a litany of other federal AND state codes. The organized M/FRA (Mens and Fathers Rights Activists) community is working very hard to address and remedy the disparities (for example a stunning victory in Calif court last summer in the Woods v Shewry case, the Bandusky case in Ariz, the Farnsworth case in Neb, etc), as well as efforts underway to change state laws (anti-false accusation laws in Ariz, Fla and W.Va).
    If you wish to involve yourself in this effort there is a menu of organizations you can search through to find one that best aligns with your personal agenda.
    Fathers 4 Justice
    National Parents Rights Assoc
    Family Court Reform Alliance
    Please do not hesitate to email me for information and guidance on finding a group that works well for you.
    Also I have a dozen+ page file titled ‘Mythos Busted: Debunking the Myth of the Male Beast’ gut loaded with data exposing the more notorious falacies assigned upon the male of the specii.
    I also am available to coordinate with attorneys and refer them to sources and experts in a number of fields of criminal and family law.

    Gunner Retired

  34. Gunner Retired Says:

    A sampling of material available in the Mythos Busted file:
    The Myth: “More women are killed by Domestic Violence than any other cause in America!”. Yes this one, that you see boldfaced and italicized in DV ‘Crisis Center’ brochures and plastered on the walls at your local county health agency.
    The Fact: The simple truth is that in EVERY nationality grouping, and in EVERY age grouping… more women are killed by accidents (ie unintentional injuries) than die as a result of ANY violence – Domestic (ie DV/IPV fatalities also called Homicide) or otherwise.
    To whit: Per the US CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control) NVSR (National Vital Statistics Report), Vol. 56, No. 5, November 20, 2007 Table 1. (Deaths, percentage of total deaths, and death rates per 100,000 for the 10 leading causes of death in selected age groups, by race and sex) for the year 2004 (not the high year, nor the low year… merely the year I pulled the data from).
    The myth: We’ve all heard the infamous “Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injury to women between ages 15 and 44 in the United States – more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.”***. We see it on TV, in magazines, in the county health office in [OMG IT’S A CRISIS!] literature, etc… I mean it’s everywhere.
    The Fact: This is not merely untrue, it is so patently untrue that to allege it is an outright malicious lie.
    Domestic Violence, referred to in the table as “Injury purposefully inflicted by spouse or other intimate”, accounts for ONLY 2.2% of injuries to women in this age group.
    Rather than being a ‘greater cause of injury than car accidents and other things combined’, Domestic Violence results in only one-tenth as many injuries to women as motor vehicle accidents alone … and a paltry zero decimal one percent ahead of injuries caused by 18) Venomous animals and plants, 19) Accident caused by hot substance or object and 20) Foreign body accidentally entering eye and adnexa … COMBINED!!!.
    This quote is sourced to a 1994 ‘ Parents ‘ magazine article claiming “in 1992 the Surgeon General announced that domestic abuse was the leading cause of injuries to women between the ages of 15 and 44″.
    In truth, then-Surgeon General Antonia Novello (14th US Surgeon General, served 1990 to 1993) wrote a letter in which she said “one study found violence to be… the leading cause of injury to women ages 15 through 44 years”… note the use of the word ‘violence’… rather than ‘domestic violence’.
    The study Novello referred to was a study of extremely poor, crime-ridden, inner- city African-American women in Philadelphia… a population not even vaguely representative of the rest of the country.
    In a 1995 phone interview, Dr. Jeane Ann Grisso, the study’s lead researcher, said that even if her study had concluded that ‘domestic violence’ was the leading cause of injury, she would “never apply that conclusion to the total population of American women”
    If in actuality 2% of women’s injuries are genuinely due to domestic violence − not “half” or “a third” or “most” as claimed − how is it that we accept without question, let alone with no indignation, the horrific portrayal of men that this lie implies, an inflation of the truth by up to a staggering 2,250% (Two Thousand, Two Hundred Fifty percent)?
    “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” Andrea Dworkin; from her book Ice and Fire .
    “Up to 50% of emergency room visits are attributed to domestic violence” (the figure of one-third has also been highly publicized). According to the Department of Justice report “Violence-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments,” August ‘97 in all hospital emergency visits nationwide in 1994, 0.3% of women’s visits were due to domestic violence. This false claim represents an exaggeration of two orders of magnitude, or an inflation of at least 10,000%.
    Mere snippets excerpted from the file… I can be reached at hotmail (delete the space).
    Gunner Retired

  35. Gunner Retired Says:

    The Knight in Shining Armor
    A modern day fairy tale.

    Once upon a time there was a man, who fell in love with a woman (Emily). Emily had had such a hard life, growing up with child abuse, only to enter into a relationship that involved domestic violence at the tender age of twenty-one, her abuser was twenty-five, and assumed to have grown up with an abusive father.

    One day she finally got out!

    This man, his name is Scott, moved her and her six month old little girl in with him…Life was so perfect, they went to fine restaurants, he brought her flowers each day after work, they went on weekend vacations to all parts of the world…no more abuse, no more living in squaller for this woman and her tiny child, that was growing rapidly in this now loving home with a mother and father, where no abuse occurred…

    Scott even helped her restrain the abusive ex, from mother and child, and asked her to marry him. Soon, this idyllic life was complete and so absolutely perfect.

    After the restraint was permanently ordered Scott was able to adopt the baby girl, Kari, now two and give her his last name, and soon after that they had a son, Scotty Jr., life could not get any better for this family of four now.

    Emily had her freedom to go where she pleased, do what she wanted, free from her former life of abuse, Scott would sometimes lie awake at night and just watch her sleep, wondering what she would have been had she been left to that monster, male perpetrator, abuser…what his little girl would have turned out like, had he not saved her from that situation.

    Emily started going to her mother’s off and on when Scotty was around one, staying for a week or more at a time, telling Scott that she just needed a break, which was ok with Scott, after all it was HER mother, and no one can replace family. Although there were times when Emily’s mother looked at him funny, he thought maybe she did not like that he did not go to the same church or maybe that he did not make as much money as his step-father-in-law, whom was an attorney.

    Scott worked harder, and at Emily’s insistence moved closer to her family, he bought a larger home, he bought a better car, he bought a boat, and although it was not comparable to his step-father-in-law’s it was still a prized possession, and “bling” to show off to the neighbors. Being in debt like this he worked his way up the ladder, and by the time Scotty was five, he was working sometimes sixty hours a week, rarely home, but this is what Emily wanted…

    Sometimes she would get upset and tell him he worked too hard, but so often the very next day he would come home to new purchases, once to a new tennis bracelet she had bought…he felt so proud to be able to provide for his family, especially since Emily had never had such things before.

    One day the carpet was swept out from under him. While in his office, a process server showed up with divorce papers, he did not understand, and thought this had to be a mistake, so he called her right away….when she answered, and realized it was him she hung up right away without saying a word.

    Scott rushed home, parked on the street, and went up to the front door, it was locked! He tried his key and it did not work…He called her quickly from his cell phone, and although her car was in the drive, there was no answer. Scott dialed her mother’s number, when she answered she was in a foul mood, and would not tell him anything, before hanging up she called him a jerk.

    Not knowing what to do, he sat down on the top step of the deck, and was sitting there with his head in his hands, when out of the corner of his eye, he saw red, blue, and white light…raising his head up he noticed that there was two police cars now parked surrounding his car. Starting to stand up, an officer growled at him to get on the ground! Stay where he is! Do not move!

    Disbelieving this was happening he took a step forward, on weak knees, and was tazed into submission, the pain going from his chest to his entire body…being shackled at his ankles, cuffed behind his back, still reeling from the shock of the tazer. Scott was not fully aware of what had actually happened until he came to his senses in the back of the police car. He tried to ask what was going on and all he got was dirty looks, and ordered to shut up.

    After being strip searched, fingerprinted, and booked for the night into county jail, all he could do was sit there, he had no one to call…finally realizing that he had an attorney, he called the same attorney they had used to garner custody of Kari, the secretary told him that the attorney was not able to talk to him, and suggested he find someone new.

    The next morning at arraignment, the prosecuting attorney detailed a scenario to the judge involving heinous abuse against Emily and the children, not believing they had the right man, he just sat there stunned, pleading not guilty, and begging to be allowed out of jail, the judge told him no, that he was a danger, even though Scott told him he would lose his job, lose everything, the prosecutor reminded him that he had chosen to do what he did, and now must deal with the consequences.

    Scott was held on thirty thousand dollars bail.

    He called his parents, and they reminded him that when they were in need, he had moved…he called his brother and sister. His brother was not available, and his sister told him that he already burned his bridges, choosing his wife over his family. He called some friends, they too told him that he had dug his own grave, they could not help him, they knew what a monster he was…they were not about to help an abuser either.

    Scott called his employer and tried to pull some of his 401k…he was told that he could not do that, to read the divorce petition. No party was allowed to spend any money…neither party to the divorce was allowed to touch retirement income, or bank accounts, accept for normal living expenses and household bills.

    He was served with the restraint petition while in county jail…a week later was the permanent restraint hearing, he showed up to that in handcuffs…the judge ordered the restraint permanent, he could not go within five hundred feet of his home, family, children’s daycare, school, etc…

    He was fired from the job he had held for ten years a week later, due to the restraint, and charges against him, his company dealt with a lot of children, and families, and they did not want any fall-back from his situation.

    Scott sat in jail, and at the hearing Emily brought in witnesses to the abuse, detailing how she had told them daily, and weekly of his abuse, one lady in particular, detailed how she had been told by Emily that he would not let her have any money, that she had to beg and plead, he controlled all the assets. Several of her friends from the Domestic Violence Shelter detailed how she had told them that she suspected child sexual abuse, that they did not want to interview the children to avoid causing them pain, but that Emily told them about the atrocities that happened in their home, on a daily basis.

    Scott was sentenced to time served, and when he was released, still restrained from his family, the divorce now final, she got the house, car, children, he was ordered to pay child support, imputed, based on the employment that he had prior to all of this..working now at a fast food place, and a local newspaper, living in a tenement building for now, utilizing the local food bank.

    The new man in Emily’s life, petitioning to adopt both children, giving Scott those nasty looks, hating him for being a “monster”…. jumping in once again, a Knight in Shining Armor, to save this poor, victim of domestic violence, at the hands of a male abuser…

    The moral of the story?

    Although all men are raised to be that Knight in Shining Armor, this is what is creating the epidemic of false allegations, and allowing women to get away with them, pitting man against man, removing fathers from children’s lives…Our society is being preyed upon by these psycopathic women, and in order to avoid this type of scenario, we now suggest that men refrain from saving women…It is hard to suggest this, however, this seems to be the only way to stop false allegations, abuse of courts, fraudulent restraining orders, etc…and our men are sometimes at fault too for removing these fathers from children’s lives, simply by being told one side of the story, and being that Knight in Shining Armor, willing to stand up to protect.

    Tami Pepperman
    Victim/Child Advocate

  36. Rick Lee Says:

    I am and Australian who was wrongly accused of Rape and another 9 Felony Charges in USA in 2008… I spent 115 days in a County Prison while the female [minor who advertised herself as 19] on a Adult Dating website was getting all the sympathy from a whole County…
    Now I morally was guilty but certainly not legally… For the majority of people who have not been through this degrading experience, I say, ‘ask those who really know what it is like to spend time in Prison for something you did not do’, Yes there are some really nasty peices of crap in society and they deserve to be punished, however when a female or male has wrongly accused someone of rape and it is proven or in my case the female ‘recanted’ her story, well she had to as the Text messages and pc records show she was lying, these people should be charged or given treatment to ensure that there is a deterent to others. I did not get as much as an apology from anybody, and some people say to me ‘take civil action’, sure take civil action so that you go endure all the past again, no thank you! My life was ruined, I say ‘was’ ruined, but I have been lucky to have the best family and friends to lift me up and fowards…
    So to all the rule makers and decision makers ‘THINK’ very hard when you make your decisions from your Office, and imagine it is your son,father or husband that has been ‘falsely accused’.

    I am writing a Ebook about my experience and it will be out in Sept 09 its called “This, Too, Will Pass”, might just be worth a read people!!! email me on if you would like to be included on the list to ensure you know when the Ebook is available

    Rick Lee

  37. samsam Says:

    all that any of us can do is pray and ask God to guide us and get us through each day. Man has little power if any thing can be changed in our lives it is up to God to make that change. I have never been indicted but my life is also ruined. I was a mental health counselor and a middle school math teacher so I have found that I can never work again. some days I think that I would be better off with a bullet in my head. but if it is God’s will he can deliver us from anything. I read where a teacher went back to work after a false charge any one has a story like that they can tell. I would like to hear something positive for someone that can give us hope.

  38. Frank Wilking Says:

    I am German and live in South Africa. Last Sunday I attended the funeral of someone falsely accused of raping a 14 year old girl. He died in prison after serving six years of his life sentence. He was a gardener on my neighborhood, black, and depended on an unskilled defense Lawyer from ‘Legal Aid’ who is on the pay-roll of Justice Department. Petros’ Case was set up to silence him. A corrupt police officer (related) was involved. I wished there was an organization here to help us to clear his name.

  39. Instapundit » Blog Archive » EMILY BAZELON: The lesson we’re not learning from the Hofstra date rape that wasn’t. “The weird le… Says:

    [...] UPDATE: A reader says that false rape allegations are not rare. [...]

  40. Lamont Cranston Says:

    I, too, have been falsely accused of sexual assault. I am fortunate in that my accuser didn’t file any formal charges. She just chose to smear me in private.

    Since I discovered this, I have made it a point to never, ever be alone with her, and in recent times she has moved out of state, and appears to have no interest in persecuting me further.

    But I had a very narrow escape. I take great care to never be alone in her company on those rare occasions that we cross paths.


  41. Pirates! Man Your Women! » Blog Archive » Big Numbers Says:

    [...] up to the previous story on a false rape charge.  Did you know that false rape reporting was this bad? A study of rape allegations in Indiana over a nine-year period revealed that over 40% were shown [...]

  42. youre all sick Says:

    I was held in a basemant and raped for two days, when I was younger. I was naive and thought ” i want to talk to you at my house” meant he really wanted to talk and listen to my heartbreak. Once there, I was victimized. AS I walked home with one shoe, I was picked up by cops, who said they had heard the same “fake” accusations from at least a dozen women picked in the same circumstances. His dad had ties in KCKS government, so they told me I could file a report, but nothing woudl come of it. Yeah, all of you guys are innocent, too. After you hold your helpless 10 year old stepdaughter down while you violate her, if she promises not to tell out of fear, that is not the same as consent.

    oh, and to Gunner retired, maybe you can look up this statistic, the leading cause of death for PREGNANT women is being killed by their partner.

  43. Toads Says:

    If the world were fair, women would face jailtime for false rape allegations. This is designed to ruin a man’s life, so the penalty to the woman should be equally severe.

    But this will not happen. Instead, more women will do this, and more violence against women will be tolerated by men who were falsely burned before.

    Women are the cause of the West’s decline. Let’s see how women cope when Islam fills the void.

  44. Be afraid be very afraid Says:

    This is clear evidence that men and women should never share each other’s company. Clear, unequivocal evidence. The opposite sex is the enemy. Leave them in their camp and stick to your own.


  45. admin Says:

    “Yeah, all of you guys are innocent, too. After you hold your helpless 10 year old stepdaughter down while you violate her,..”

    That you were raped does not mean that everybody is a rapist. Nor does it mean that every rape accusation is true. Noting that a sizeable number of rape accusations are false is *not* equivalent to claming that rape never occurs. Conflating the two is, in fact, exactly the problem, and is why so many people are determined to convict innocent people, as the Duke and Hofstra cases demonstrate. Convicting the innocent is a poor form of revenge.

  46. admin Says:

    “The opposite sex is the enemy. Leave them in their camp and stick to your own.”

    I’m afraid that still won’t help.

  47. Dedicated_Dad Says:

    Not “rape” but… I was falsely accused of molesting my kids – one of three false arrests at the hand of a sick ex-wife during a custody dispute.

    All charges were eventually dismissed, and I was finally awarded custody of our children, who have thrived-a relatively happy ending-though nothing was ever done to her.

    The damage to my health – mental and physical – and life are incalculable. I’ve never been the same.

    There IS a solution: Any false allegation of crime must carry the same penalty as the crime alleged. For rape that’s 15 to life.

    As most men know, being falsely accused of rape is more damaging than rape itself – at least the rapee gets sympathy, all we get – if we’re lucky – is a not-guilty verdict.

    12 years after, even though I was given sole custody, many people still won’t let their kids come to my house. My kids and I pay the price, she lives free on welfare.

    Equal penalty.


  48. Derp Says:

    youre all sick Says:
    September 22nd, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  49. Lea Says:

    I’ve known girls who’ve falsely accused guys of assault or molestation, including my own sister. How does a guy prove a negative? In my sister’s case, she made the mistake of naming a time and place when the guy had an alibi. Her excuse? She was trying to make her husband jealous and it ‘got out of hand’ when her husband reported it to police. He still lost his reputation and teaching job.

    A bigger shock came from a person I considered my best friend who was planning a divorce from her well-to-do husband. To gain leverage in the divorce, other friends advised her to claim her husband molested their daughter. When I realized she was seriously considering that lie, I broke off the friendship. As they live in another city, I haven’t heard how it turned out. I couldn’t choose my sister, but I still wonder how I could have made such a mistake in the choosing of my friend.

  50. skepville Says:

    There seems to be a difference between rape and other false accusations: Most (but not all) of the voices here do not deny that they had sex with the accuser. Because rape is such a stigmatized crime, false allegations are particularly damaging.
    Unfortunately, the threshold between consensual sex and forced sex is blurry. I’m left wondering if, in some cases, men take acquiescence for consent, while the woman does not struggle and plans her revenge for later. This is not a healthy situation.

  51. Ryan Says:

    In order to get custody of our daughter, my wife has falsely accused me of choking her. She is schizoaffective and has been hospitalized several times for believing that she was Satan. My attorney tells me that my wife is still likely to get custody.

  52. Fantomas Says:

    I agree with skepville that these blurry situations do not help either side. I think we can all agree that both being raped and being falsely accused of rape are devastating. Perhaps a lesson that we can learn from all of this is that sexual partners need to be *really* careful to make sure they are engaging in sex that is actively consensual, not just formally so. It seems that in the Hofstra case the female student ended up having sex that didn’t feel right to her–it wasn’t rape, we now know, but she was led to report it as such. If the guys had been more interested in making sure she felt all right with what was happening, they would have saved themselves a lot of trouble. I’m not saying that this was their fault, but I am saying that there are precautions that they could have taken, like wearing a seat belt to protect against the other dangerous drivers on the road. So, everyone, buckle up out there: check in with your sexual partners, avoid ambiguous situations, don’t sleep with people who very drunk (unless you have an understanding with them about that), treat your partners with respect, practice safe sex, and don’t have the kind of sex that is going to be regretted the next day. These precautions won’t make all cases of rape or all false accusations go away, but they will help us cut down on both.

  53. doov Says:

    doesn’t surprise me at all. I did my own little survey some years back and about half the guys I talked with had been falsely accused of some sexual crime at some point Co-worker, step daughter, girlfriend gets pissed off, pulls out the atom bomb and 500 feminists lob grenades. Happens all the time.

  54. Been the victim Says:

    Having been the victim of sexual assault I can assure all of you that many, many assaults go unreported every year. In the overall scope of the problem of sexual violence against women the phenomena of false accusations is quite small; the proportion of false reports to actual assaults is minuscule.

    Anyone making a false report about any crime should be prosecuted and given some counselling to deal with whatever caused them to do such a thing. At the same time the process of reporting a sexual assault needs to be more sensitive to the needs of the victims. Telling how you’ve been degraded and humiliated by someone over and over again to people you don’t know or trust is re-traumatizing. No one should have to keep reliving the nightmare.

  55. admin Says:

    “Having been the victim of sexual assault I can assure all of you that many, many assaults go unreported every year. The the overall scope of the problem of sexual violence against women the phenomena of false accusations is quite small; the proportion of false reports to actual assaults is minuscule.”

    The bottom line, though, is that one does not justify the other. The degree to which sexual assault is underreported is an issue. The degree to which false allegations are made is another issue. It’s not like a pie where increasing the recognition of one decreases the recognition of the other.

    The bottom line is that *no* degree of underreporting justifies destroying innocent people, and using this as a justification for, or minimization of, false accusations is simply wrong. Similarly, recognizing the number of false accusations does not imply any minimization of, or justification for ignoring, real rape.

    I fundamentally do not understand the claim that because rapes go unreported, this justifies minimizing the number of false allegations and injustice that harms the innocent.

  56. Sarah Says:

    I’m afraid you may be unaware of a great injustice currently happening in Deschutes County. Local prosecutor Jody Vaughan is currently pursuing false rape charges against a local man. Her tactics are less than ethical and has built “evidence” she knows to be based on lies. The evidence against the alleged “victim”, proving SHE is a repeat liar and crier of wolf is incredible and hard to overlook; unfortunately that is exactly what the Deschutes County District Attorney’s office is doing.
    As a woman, a mother and a victim of rape and sexual assault, it is extremely important to me for a woman to feel safe to report sexual abuse of any kind. I know firsthand the personal power that is regained when looking an offender in the eye and sending them to prison. Regrettably I have also learned that it is far too common for women to hide behind the claim of rape in order to avoid taking personal responsibility for their own actions. The classic he said she said is almost always swayed to the woman’s side, requiring little proof on her end of the alleged events; leaving the accused to fight for their life with little help due to the Rape Shield Law. My concern is that Kevin is not going to receive a fair trial due to the protections this “victim” has on behalf of the DA’s office. This isn’t the first time she has cried rape falsely and without your help it certainly will not be her last. Please, take the time to follow the link and read the story of Kevin. The time is now for something to be done, before another innocent life is ruined. Kevin’s trial begins November 3rd, 2009. Please feel free to contact me for further information regarding this horrifying case and these ridiculous charges.

  57. Obbop Says:

    To protect males, our society and females from their own idiocy we need to initiate the Females as Property Movement.

  58. Albert Gallo Says:

    In order to understand rape accusations, one must understand the purpose they serve: Rape accusations are an effective and socially sanctioned way for women to exercise power and control over men. Since they can’t use physical force to push men around, they use the law.

  59. How Often Do Women Falsely Cry Rape? - Politicks Now Says:

    [...] her into a bathroom and then gang raped her two weeks ago, that question has been flyingaround the Internet. As Cathy Young notes in Newsday, the answers often fall into one of two camps. "Many [...]

  60. Pierce Harlan Says:

    As founder of the world’s leading Internet site dedicated to giving voice to persons falsely accused of rape, The False Rape Society, it is our goal to help change the public discourse about rape, which for too long has been so terribly gender politicized that the truth has been obscured. “Rape” is no longer just a crime; it has become a symbol of perceived male oppression. At FRS, we never take rape lightly, but we take issue with those who would elevate the victimization of rape victims over that of the victims of false rape claims. The harm to the latter can be as serious or more serious than the harm to the former, depending on the circumstances. Yet the politicized purveyors of gender division who have dominated the public discourse about rape for 35 years minimize the victimization of false rape claims with comments such as the one above where someone wrote the following: “In the overall scope of the problem of sexual violence against women the phenomena of false accusations is quite small; the proportion of false reports to actual assaults is minuscule.”

    This is the standard beat of the radical feminist tom-tom, positing assertions that simply cannot be proved. We must take their “truths” as a leap of faith. Where rape is concerned, feminism has become a religion, and the victims of false rape claims are nothing but collateral damage in the “more important” war on rape. By any measure, no one’s victimization should be subordinated to someone else’s merely because of the group they were born into. That is morally grotesque.

    Here is the reality about the prevalence of false rape claims: First, there are a certain percentage of rape claims that we are reasonably certain are false. These are usually shown to be false based on significant evidence (often a video that belies the claim) and a recantation. The number varies depending on the study, and I am familiar with every serious study ever conducted on this subject. The two percent standard stat posited by the sexual grievance industry was long ago debunked, and the most conservative figures range from approximately nine percent up to sixty percent. There is no certainty in this area, and that is due to the “he said/she said” nature of the crime.

    Second, on the other end of the spectrum, we are reasonably certain that some rape claims were based on actual rapes. Thirteen to fifteen percent of rape claims end in conviction in the US, and we can be at least somewhat certain these were actual rapes (although it is true that a number of men have been convicted for rape who were not guilty — the Innocence Project and many others have chronicled their plight).

    Third, and most important for our current dicsussion, there are the claims that fall between the first and second groups — a vast middle group. These are most likely the majority of rape claims. They are dismissed somewhere along the way between accusation and jury verdict for any number of reasons, including due to insufficient evidence, or because the accuser decides not to pursue the claim, or because the jury isn’t willing to return a verdict against the accused. It is the vast middle ground that we need to focus on. Any time you hear someone toss out a percentage of “false” rape claims, regardless of the study — whether it be 9 percent, or 41 percent, or 60 percent — it is tossed out as if it represented the totality of all false claims instead of what it really is: the floor, the minimum. Prof. Kanin, for instance, said that of 100 rape claims in his first study, he could tell that 41 were false. What about the rest? KANIN OFFERED NO OPINION. He was only talking about the ones he KNEW were false.

    What we KNOW is that on one end, some rape claims are false; on the other end, some were actual rapes. We don’t know about this vast middle ground. To suggest — as our feminist friends do — that they know that this vast middle ground of rape claims are, by necessity, “rapes,” is dishonest in the extreme.

    For example, is it fair, or honest, to assume that every man exonerated of a rape charge by a jury is, by necessity, a rapist just because authorities can’t say they KNOW the charge is “false”? The question scarcely survives its statement. The fact is, most unrecanted rape claims aren’t readily dismissed as “false” because of the “he said/she said” nature of the claim. And what of the claims that never even actually got to a jury — the vast majority that are dismissed earlier, often due to fatal infirmities in the case — how on earth can we say that these should be considered “rapes”? Why is it not just as logical — in fact more logical — to assume that most of the dismissed rape claims in this middle ground were not actual rapes?

    It is logical to assume that the vast middle ground must contain a certain percentage of false claims. How many? No one knows. No one should even guess. The accurate way of looking at the prevalence of false rape claims is to talk only about the universe of rape claims where we have a reasonably certain basis to know what happened. For example — pick your study — if you use Kanin’s first study, we know 41 out of 100 (using Kanin’s number) are false, and we are fairly certain that 15 out of 100 (using the conviction number) were actual rapes. So the percentage of false claims might be 41 out of the 56 where we know what happened. For the rest -– the other 44 our 100 — to imply that they MUST have been rapes (because women don’t lie about rape, etc.) is not just nonsense, it is wrong. The fact is, we just don’t know. And it is wrong to assume on a leap of faith that these were actual rapes.

    As for underreporting: First, there is some serious scholarship that shows we have no idea if underreporting is a problem because this entire field has become so politicized that the studies are wholly unreliable. Second, if we encourage women to come forward and report more rape, it is logical to assume we will likewise encourage false accusers to come forward as well. It is doubtful that the level of false reporting will will decrease. In fact, encouraging more women to come forward will probably increase the percentage of false rape claims.

  61. Jeffery Watterson Says:

    My name is Jeffery Watterson:My Brother is currently being held for being”FALSELY”ACCUSED OF RAPE.It all stemed from a former F.B.I. investigation as to the disappearance of a little girl from Shelby N.C..He gave them some help them,they thought he knew more so they started diggin to past accuations,were he had been acused in the past.They somehow got it brought back up 13 years later.I have been tryin to help him,but I don’t have the monatary means.I am asking anyone who can help him to please help him.If he is wrongly convicted,our system becomes a joke.What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty.If anyone can help or give me answers,please write my brother and tell him what he can do.His name is:::Randolph Watterson:Address:::Piedmont Correctional Inst.1245 Camp Rd.Salisbury N.C.28147 Thanks,Jeff Watterson AKA”Affordable Tree Services & More”

  62. Mike Hankin Says:

    From my own experience and anecdotal reports by other victims in my home town, the incidence of false rape accusations is, indeed, significant. I, myself, was falsely accused of rape when I had consensual sex with a woman and then “blew her off” the next evening because I was simply tired and didn’t care to see her at that time. She called me NINE (9) times the day after we spent the night together. I was arrested and charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment. Thank God, the charges were dismissed within three months. Nothing like having the phone records subpoena’d, although the liar willingly dropped the case before the phone records (and other disculpatory evidence) were officially submitted. The woman not only filed a false police report, but also perjured herself in a civil injunction hearing against me.

    Police officers and attorneys have told me that I am not “alone” in enduring this outrage. My life was not destroyed, but irreparably damaged. The old saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” is quite accurate.

    And, to the best of my knowledge, none of my fellow victims in my home town (one of them a police officer)ever succeeded in having the liar prosecuted. Even my own attorney (a former state attorney) advised me against trying to prosecute her or even filing a civil suit. To quote him, “It just doesn’t happen. Let it go.”

    I’ll get by this, but I’ll NEVER, EVER get over it!!

  63. Lehigh University student could stand trial for false rape accusation « Wintery Knight Says:

    [...] accusations are commonly used to provide an alibi for other crimes. The study lists this reason as one of the three reasons why women invent false rape [...]

  64. UK woman makes EIGHT false rape accusations and gets no jail time « Wintery Knight Says:

    [...] provide an alibi for some other crime they are guilty of committing. The study lists this reason as one of the three reasons why women invent false rape [...]

  65. aaron Says:

    I was falsely accused of rape but no charges was pressed as the police didn’t find any substantial evidence. I was just handcuffed nothing more i was set free after couple of hours. Will this arrest be on my record.

  66. Why does it seem that American society is in decline? | Jan The Marketing Man Says:

    [...] reporting rape just so that she does not have to tell her boyfriend that she cheated on him.  40% of all rape accusations are false, but ‘feminists’ would rather jail scores of innocent men than let one guilty man get [...]

  67. gernot Says:

    When women who lie about rape, get the 10-25 years in prison for lying that men get for actual rapes, such B S will cease.

  68. MajorIndulgence Says:

    “When women who lie about rape, get the 10-25 years in prison for lying that men get for actual rapes, such B S will cease.”

    gernot, well said. It’s a great solution. But that shouldn’t be applied to just rape, but also to all alleged crimes.

  69. agreed with gernot Says:

    Yes… I second that… god help all of the people on this blog so far.. I want to prevent this from ever happening to ANYONE..

    I never went through anything remotely like what people have described..I’ve had some awesome people in my life so far..

    .However, THIS IS WHY action needs to be taken.. laws need to be rewriten to protect innocent men and boys. I want my children to grow up in a safer world.. where they can live life without fear of being Falsely accused of rape by some pissed off girl that simply wants vengeance on them…..

  70. On A More Personal Note… « Ancel De Lambert Says:

    [...] full 40% of all rape allegations are currently false, a hideous turn of events made all the more bitter in [...]

  71. Are women ever “asking” to be raped? | Reason To Stand Says:

    [...] Here is a study which shows that the assertion that rapes are under-reported is not only not true, but is categorically false. The truth is that they are not under-reported but over-reported primarily because many women do not want to face the responsibility of their actions. Studies also show that drug-facilitated rape is also largely a myth as most of these incidents are, again, women refusing to face the consequences of their own inebriated and wholly consensual decisions. [...]

  72. tomorri Says:

    as to jeff watterson from up top i know these low-lifes and his brother is guilty as sin i have a daughter by jeffery watterson his sorry brother lived right next door to us molesting his five year old daughter and sneaking out with 12 ,13,14 year old girls getting them on drugs talking advantage of them he is a sorry bastard and he will fry for little girl degree may God be holding her tonight

  73. Woman recants false rape charge, freeing man after 3 years in prison « Wintery Knight Says:

    [...] recent study listed three reasons why women invent false rape [...]

  74. tomorri Says:

    that child rapist Randy watterson got 120 years may that bastard feel what them little girls felt

  75. Kimberly Says:

    My oldest brother. Whom has never even had a speeding ticket.Was seperated from his wife. They were still seeing one another. She invited him over. To lay down some decorative stone. He told her. He had went out with someone else. And that he wasnt going to keep paying on her bills. She accussed him of making her peform oral sex. No weapon. And after biting his thumb. There was no DNA IN HER MOUTH. He is appealing. But was sentenced. In a courtroom where her stepmother works. And has run for office.They gave him 22 yrs

  76. gunner retired Says:

    You’re All Sick

    First of all young lady, I feel for you if indeed your attestation that you are a victim of sexual is a truth, even in your own eyes. That you are or are not lying to either yourself or to us is something I’ll never know with any certainty, similarly that you were or were not sexually assaulted as you claim is something I’ll never know with any certainty.

    Either way IT’S NO EXCUSE to advocate the perpetuation of a legal judicial industry that preys upon innocent men in the guise of assuring the safety and well being of liars.

    And consider this: for EVERY MAN WRONGFULLY CONVICTED OF AN ACTUAL CRIME… a criminal walks the streets free to victimize another citizen.

    For EVERY MAN WRONGFULLY CONVICTED OF A CRIME THAT WAS NOT COMMITTED… the courts time and resources are distracted from their function of prosecuting REAL CRIMINALS.

    Secondly, your claim: “the leading cause of death for PREGNANT women is being killed by their partner.” is:

    1) Not True

    and 2) No excuse for the travesty of justice visited upon innocent men accused of accosting/assaulting a woman. I suspect Gary Dotson, Tommy Doswell, Willie Williams and hundreds (if not thousands) of Falsely Accused and wrongfully convicted men are utterly disinterested in your PFTA (ie Pulled From Thin Air ie there is NO AUTHORITATIVE STUDY ANYWHERE to support this claim) fabricated statistic.

    That someone touched you in a bad way, or that you earnestly believe someone touched you in a bad way is no excuse for you to through life hating men so vehemently you would wish for an innocent man to go to jail for a crime that never occurred or a in any event a crime he did not commit.

    You seriously need counseling, but I know too well you will not get it because the system is too interested in pandering to your fantasies of victim-hood for it’s own motives… ie for monetary profit in the form of subsidies and operating grants under the auspices of well funded federal programs enacted to placate Male Hating Radical Feminists.

    Perhaps your attitude, and those programs, and the ease with which an innocent mans life can be destroyed… are the reason the marriage rate has plummeted to an historical low (despite the pool of marriage eligible men and women at at record high)?

    Or more in your personal interest: why women earnestly seeking love can only find the dregs of malehood willing to involve themselves in the life of a female?

    Either way it’s an issue which is destroying our culture.

    Gunner Retired

  77. im going thru this right now and dont have the money to fight it Says:

    im going thru this right now and dont have the money to fight it she said i put my finger in my ex and she has lied on the stand and we have her phone records to show it but i dont have the money to fight it im a single father of 6 kids and i have them all not with this woman but she said underothe that she didnt call me after she had me arrested and her phone records show she called me 300 times and i need someone to help me im scard because im 43 years old and never been in jail before and have no recorded and now she is taking my life because i dont want to be with her no more what can i do please help me and email me when i was arrested i asked for dna the police said no and i asked for a rape kit they said no she didnt want it or to go to the er please help me thank you

  78. im going thru this right now and dont have the money to fight it Says:

    email me at please i need help the da just wants to convict me when she knows i didnt do it and she knows that she lied over and over underothe and we can prove it can anyone help me im in sacramento calf. if you can help

  79. Is it a male-dominated society? Says:

    [...] though no study has been known to show this, and which now has been debunked. It actually happens much more often. __________________ Carpe [...]

  80. Obbop Says:

    As a self-defense measure, among several reasons, I decided years ago to cease personal interactions with females as much as possible.

    No dates. No marriage. No sex. Only brief social civil interactions in a manner and place of MY choosing that either GREATLY minimizes any opportunity of a female, for whatever of the MANY possible “reasons” (or delusions) she may possess OR negates any possibility she can harm me with a false accusation.

    Only females who are relatives may enter my home and non-blood relatives will be with their husband who is a blood relative.

    No non-related female in my vehicle.

    No shed skin cells or hairs thus no DNA “evidence.”

    If I DO interact with a female it is WHEN and WHERE I want the interaction, typically in a VERY public place with ample witnesses.

    There are various female employees I converse with briefly and it is at their job site and the conversation typically brief and VERY public and never includes anything related to sex or meeting for a tryst, etc.

    Having aged and left my youth behind, back in the days when it seems to me there were fewer incidents of false accusations, especially for decent moral guys who shunned trashy females to begin with, never forced themselves upon women and… I admit I was also possibly lucky but I did my best to avoid ALL attached females, whether married or even dating another guy.

    However, with the way so many females will toss a guy to the wolves via lies just to save herself trouble even if it is just minor personal trouble, it is just likely mere luck that kept my past free from a false accusation, even with the care I took back then.

    Females are DANGEROUS to males in so many ways!!!!!

    As I aged and grew experienced and reality settled in AND with the way the Web has allowed information and REALITY to be transmitted I realize now how BIG of a threat female-against-male false accusations are and that, too often, a mere ACCUSATION can be a life destroyer.

    To many an accusation in itself is as good as a guilty verdict in a trial.

    Then there is the expense of having to prove your innocence.

    I believe that in too many instances within our legal (not justice) system innocence must be proven, not the oft-declared lie that guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Our legal system is designed to maximize the income of those making their wealth using the legal system.

    Maximize wealth rather than all parties within the legal system doing their best to weed out the innocent from the truly guilty.

    There is AMPLE evidence, in my opinion, to prove my belief.

    Exceptions exist here and there but not enough and are rare.

    Do not allow females the power to use their lie(s) to harm you.

    Shun them.

    If they want a male in their life for whatever reason(s), companionship, love, security, whatever… let them adopt a male cat.

    Shun females.

    Keep them away for your own safety.

    Even a brief affair, one dalliance, a moment’s mutual moment of “romance” that doesn’t even lead past a kiss MAY result in a lie that leads to the destruction of your life at worst or any number of negatives of varying severity.

    It is time for males to wreak our revenge.

    We do not need to lie as so many females do.

    Their worst lies SEEM to occur when they are seeking a divorce and want to maximize wealth received and/or to get revenge against that no-good SOB ex-husband or the soon-to-be ex-wife want to minimize the males’ access to the kids, etc.

    However, at any stage of a “relationship” or even if there never was any type of relationship… perhaps the female WANTED one but did not receive her desire so….. GET THE SOB!!!!!!

    To heck with it.

    The one single most effective method to truly protect yourself is shunning the too-often mentally defective females!!!!!

    Do a brief bit of research via the Web.

    Note the high percentages of females, especially within the USA, under doctor care for a large variety of mental ailments and the high percentage prescribed psychotropic medication(s).

    The dizzy dames are frequently “nut cases”!!!!!!

    The sick products of a sick society.

    My advice is easier for an older male to follow.

    Harder for young guys. But, any male who risks interacting with females had better always be VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY careful and take extreme precautions to avoid, if possible, false accusation(s).

    Of course… the MINORITY of males who actually do break actual laws and step over the line, well, you deserve your punishment but statistics and data from many sources indicate that too many males have done nothing to warrant the coals they have been dragged through.

    If possible, leave the freaky females alone.

    Of course… a typical female reaction to my words is that they will insinuate I am advocating substituting males for females.

    Nope… that stuff is just typical knee-jerk idiocy spewed by so many females, indicating a too-often seen/heard/read aspect of female mentality… the mentality that has made females simply too dangerous for even a moral, decent, law-abiding honorable male to contend with.

    I will stay solo.

    Sadly, for many reasons and apparently partially due to the sick society that has pervaded the USA I will just shun females and lead a much less stressful and safer life.

    Good luck finding a hubby, girls.

    As so many of you dames have reaped so will ye sow.

    And I believe the “harvest” will become increasingly scant.

    But, there will likely always be ample kitties available for adoption at the animal shelter.

  81. Clive Ntuli Says:

    I am simply accused of rape by my girlfriend’s friend. She consesually had sexual encouters with me, but later called it rape becuse she thought I would leave my girlfriend for her. She reported the case five days later, after she lied to her boyffirend about what happend. She kept contact with me after our encouter, saying we should make time and talk about how we sought out things or she will be forced to do something she doesn’t want to do. Since I failed to meet up with her fot the talk, for five days later she opened a case, with the boyfriend behind everything. she admitted that she was pushed by her boyfriend to opened the case, and she did that five days later after the boyfriend arrived from durban to pretoria.My life is simply shuttering into microbes because of thoughts of what might happen to me because of lies from a girl seeking revenge, as she admitted to my girl friend that she wants to teach me a lesson, not caring if she wins the court case or not. When I think of the crime itself, I wish I could have attempted to rob a supermarket than to have rape under my name, that I did not commit. I slowly losing my heard and even start to plan crzy ideas I have never thought ever in my life.I fear the worst.

  82. Steve Mungia Says:

    My uncle in law was falsely accussed of such crime and was sentenced to 6mo jail 10yr probation. it was all political the prosc.att is now the newly appointed D.A. of Nueces co. Texas. The judge suppressed all the evidence that could clear him and prevented his lawyer from defending him. The charges kept getting dropped and then picked up again. Finally they brought him to court on some old charges that he was tried on before and it was a mistrial. This time was also a mistial but the judge forced the jury to side a guilty verdict he told the chosen jurer to take a note to the jury panel the jurer told the judge “you can’t do this” The judge replied “it’s my courtroom I do what I want take them the note”. They came back with 2 cts. indecency w/child. My cousin says her children lied in court because, the prosc. att. told them they would be removed from their house and mother if they did not do as asked. My uncle in law has no more money to pay for his defense. after being basically robbed by two previous att. The third refused to represent him because the D.A. is a close friend of his and he doesn’t want to ruin her new career. He told my uncle he needed to find another lawyer to appeal his case. Telling his i’m sorry I couldn’t do more I know you’re innocent but, I can’t help you anymore on this case and offered to represent him on his divorce instead for the money already paid to him. The sheriff records state he has charges on Alexis and was to serve 3yrs in prison. but, The trial was for Stephany. The records state stephany’s charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Now the judge and New D.A. want him to sign a confession if not they will send him to prison for 30yrs.

  83. Steve Mungia Says:

    I was there at the court trial of my uncle in law. I saw the Asst. to the prosc. att. passing dvd’s to the so called expert that gave their expert oppinion in court. Also my uncle was provided with an interpreter that has had sexual relations with the alledged victoms mother isn’t that grounds for a mistrial the judge said no and continued the court. The time I was in the court trial the judge told my uncle’s attorney to shut up and sit down after each objection finally the att. stopped trying to say or do anything. Does’t the attoney have the right to stop the trial because of the judges abusive actions I wrote to the judicial conduct board got no response. My uncle says most of the people incarcerated with him were tryed by the same judge and prosc. att. most of them didn’t go to tial they threatened them to except defered adjudication and got 6 month jail 10yrs prob. like my uncle. but my uncle went to trial and lost. Can anyone help him please I know he is innocent his wife just wants revenge because she couldn’t get his house or his money after their divorce. Now he has no money but, she wants half of the property and house value. She is a real witch. Thank you!

  84. Men's rights? What men's rights? Says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. I watched a video online about a rape case in Australia involving a 16 year old boy. His bail was refused and was held in a youth detention centre for 12 months! All because a 17 year old girl cried rape against him. The police investigated this case based on word of mouth, no evidence and no motif just word of mouth. Upon interviewing the supposed “victim” she changed her story numerous times.
    Now here was the problems with police procedure:
    -When they took the boy into custody he wore the same clothes on the day the supposed “rape” happened (actually they only met and had a chat in broad daylight, in a park [What kind of attack would happen in broad daylight?]) therefore contaminating some evidence (being in the police car, interview room)
    -Australian police tend to stick to the outdated nominative system, which is essentially pick 1 suspect and build evidence on them. Most police use eliminative system (a whole list of suspects and knocking them off, 1 by 1)
    -The consistent story changing by the girl was not brought up in court.
    -The crime scene was investigated 3 DAYS after the “incident”, the scene would have been long contaminated by then, and it was done a nightfall.
    -DNA testing failed to determine who had “raped” her. It was a male, but it wasn’t showing the boys DNA.
    -Even if the prosecution were going to lose, they stubbornly and foolishly stood their ground. (As all prosecutors don’t care about people, they only care about conviction rates).
    -The boy was found not guilty of all charges, but was not offered compensation or even something as simple as a letter of apology. His family had to take another mortgage on the house as a result from the legal costs.

    Now this was all done because of a word of mouth accusation.
    The Australian justice system and police procedure needs to CHANGE.

    From all of this I hope that bitch gets AIDS from her next sexual encounter.

  85. Charlie Feulner Says:

    It is altogether too easy to put together a “convincing” false rape report including so-called drugged rapes!
    Just like all too many “date-rapes” with drugs involved or allegedly involved (I do not write the term “date rape” insensitively. However, it is the venacular used by many if not most P.D.’s today. Wish it was changed).
    With drugs: The informaton on the symtoms/methadology/etc. of being or allededly being surreptitiously drugged, including “typical physical and emotional symtomology” of such drugging, typical “post drugging reactions,” etc., are out there – and way too easily available. Consequently, the police are increasingly forced to look at victim’s statments in some cases with any eye on Net saviness, medical saviness…The list is almost endless.
    Too many men have been freed after having their lives ruined after ten, twenty years in prison for a crime they didn ot committ. Too many perps have become increasinly sophisticated in hiding their crimes making conviction difficult. And yes, sometimes a woman may recognize that she was drugged due to information that would have prevented this had this information not been publicly available. I still think too many of the wrong people get this info, too.
    So I leave it here knowing some will be out-raged (sadly)…”How dare a male even have an opinion on such a topic?” In th end, however, I hope it provokes at least a little discussion and debate.


  86. game Says:

    If the world were fair, women would face jailtime for false rape allegations. This is designed to ruin a man’s life, so the penalty to the woman should be equally severe.

  87. Rape statistics « Michael Eriksson's Blog Says:

    [...] [...]

  88. Concerned Woman Says:

    I am a woman and a feminist. I was also the victim of a sexual assault, that luckily for me, did not escalate to a rape because it was interrupted by a friend. I agree unequivocally that women use false allegations of rape to assert power – especially when they are feeling powerless. It is the ultimate way to win an argument against a domestic partner. It is an appalling state of affairs. I have watched many men’s lives destroyed by false allegations, and I find it deeply insulting as a woman, and a feminist, that women are not held accountable for false reporting. Moreover, it is a HUGE disservice to real victims of sexual crime (both male and female) to have the criminal process so distorted that men (and many women, including me) have lost confidence in the justice system.

    I understand that the pendulum had to swing after the shocking mistreatment of women and men in advancing rape cases in the 60s, 70s and even 80s. But now that it is a social truth that rape and domestic violence is wrong, it is time to regain judicial balance. I wait anxiously for the day that women face time for false reporting of rape or any other domestic violence. Only when justice is done, and seen to be done, will the social/legal discourse about rape and domestic violence get itself to a place of genuine equality. The notion of “women as truth-telling victims” is insulting and demoralizing to women. When, how will we get there??

  89. joe Says:

    i just want to share how this has affect me, after i found out my wife (pregnant) was sleeping around, we split up. she went to my shirt making horrible lies at the time saying i was emotionally neglectful and verbally abusive. i was taken in HAND CUFFS and interrogated for 8 hours on this matter. no findings, no charges, at the time she calmed i had never touched her. about six months later when my son was born i started trying to see him, starting with the hospital where he was born. i was told to leave the hospital on the day of his birth because my ex “feared for her safety” i then started calling and going to her house (with police standbys ) trying to see my son, after about three months i had enough money saved to start the court proceedings to have it ordered that i may see him. my military time had come to an end at this point, i would not be able to stay in this state any longer. my ex knew this, i had about a month left, i managed to have the court date set for a week before i left so i would be able to meet my son. the day befor this court hearing my ex went into the courts with a lawyer wrote a two page statement about how i had raped and beat her the whole time i have known her, about how she was so scared to report anything to anybody because we were married. i did not pass go, i never saw my 200 dollars, i went straight to jail. for a week before i could get out, i had to get all the paper work )thank god) from when the military took me and her in for questioning before over six months before, this was enough to have the charges removed with the interview statement but i never met my son due to the delay i also have 2000 dollars in lawyer fees from this, the statements she put in our custody file will not be removed even tho their is no proof at all, even tho i have proof that says otherwise. my point is i cant stand this i will never know my son, i talked to her she told me she will keep doing this unless i let him go. i feel like life is not fair its been over a year now i still think about this almost every day, i don’t even get close to any women anymore out of fear something like this will happen i have a camera in my room simply to protect myself from anything anyone can clam, why do we live in a wold where i must tape my personal moments just to protect myself ?

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  92. indy Says:

    If the world were fair, women would face jailtime for false rape allegations. This is designed to ruin a man’s life

  93. Chi Mo Says:

    Ameican women abuse the rights… women who claim *false rape*… should be raped by a donkey. They are ruining innocent men life.

  94. victimised Says:

    im currently undergoing a rape accusation investigation that could easily put me behind bars for 20 years + whipping.. it all began when i had a motorcycle accident and was sent to a public hospital where a nurse attended to me..we got acquainted really fast and i was discharged on the same day..after texting and calling each other, she came to my house a few days later and we had sex.. a day after that she told me she was confused and wanted clarification..i told her to take things step by step. i couldn’t tell her that i love her..that would be a lie.. anyway..she filed a police report crying point here is…i kept all her sms’s after the incident and showed it to the police.. all her begging and “i love u’s”..there;s even one text where she said she was not yet 21 and could charge me for underage rape..i thanks god for that text (the legal age limit in my country is 16, she was confused)..sorry for my ranting guys…didn’t know where else to let go..will post the outcome of this mess…if im around that is..:).

    ps.. a word of advice..keep all relevant sms’s..u never know.

  95. billo Says:


    Your IP address is registered in Malaysia. Gotta love that Islamic law.

  96. victimised Says:

    no dude..thats not under our islamic law.. thats our federal court.. getting caught with your pants down having pre marital in my country would mean a fine of usd800 or so..that if ur caught by the syariah guys..rape cases are handled by the federal caught.

  97. victimised Says:

    typo error “court”.

  98. J-van Says:

    I am currently in an ongoing *rape* investigation. The reason I am writing is, I’m not guilty, and this is destroying my life. I am in the US Army, proudly have served almost 7 years total with national guard time and active duty. Currently I am active duty, stationed in Texas. Now, I am part to blame for what has happened. I am married, and last September(2010) I decided to have sex with a fellow soldier. She knew I was married, and we both agreed to keep the affair between us. A few days after we slept together, we had talked about doing it again. Well, we never did. A couple of months later I got promoted, and I became her supervisor. And everything seemed fine, I never gave her any special treatment, or treated her unfairly, or would have asked/told her to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself or ask my other soldiers. I even hooked her up with my little brother, just try to keep her mind off of me. I didn’t want anything to do with this girl. And I deeply regretted doing what I had done. Ok, fastforward to almost a month ago, when I am “summoned” back to the US from a short mission I was on. Cunfused as hell, as to why I was coming home 2 months early, I was assured that nothing was wrong, and my chain of command was just “rotating people out”. Which I knew was a load of crap, but I had no idea what I was facing the day I got back to my unit. After I showed up, about 10 minutes later, I was arrested by CID. Now I’m freaking out. Wondering what the hell was going on. Anyways, needless to say, I was there because this female, for some unknown reason, decided to accuse me of rape. 8 months after we had slept together. Now my carrier is and the rest of my life is in jeopardy. I did have to admit to my wife about the affair, she believes me that I didn’t rape this female. And my wife has decided to stay. Thank God!! She is so loving and supportive. My lawyer tells me that so far CID docent have any evidence, and a civilian prosecutor, won’t even persue this case. BUT!!!!,,,, He told me that he has seen and heard of men in the army, being convicted on the military side, without any supporting evidence, on the sole basis that it is “he said she said”. I know in my heart that I’m innocent. Im not sure as to why or how these obscene allegations came about. The best conclusion I can come to is that I “hurt her feelings”. Now they want me to take a Polygraph to “prove” my innocence. But although I know I’m telling the truth, I am scared to let my life and carrier solely depend on a polygraph. And who can blame me? Polygraphs are very unreliable. And have read of several cases in which men have been convicted over a polygraph in the military. Also a polygraph will never prove that one is innocent. I think I want to let them just continue their investigation. And I will take a polygraph, only if it is necessary as a last resort. And what makes me even more angry about this, is, they won’t even ask this female to take a polygraph!! Due to the fact that it can detur her from wanting to report anything that happens to her in the future. And she IS the victim, and if they ask her to take one, I will make her feel like she is in trouble!! WTF?? If you have the odasity to make such an accusation, you should be willing to back it up!! It’s like I’m guilty already, and nothing is going to make this go away.. I feel lost, scared, and confused. I have no way out. But I will not take this lightly, I am going to fight this as hard and as much as I can. I will put my heart and soul into proving that im not guilty. And like I told my wife and the Chapline, if I go to jail, or if I have to even register as a sex offender, I am going to end my life. I have a disgust for the true sex offenders! And I will not allow myself to be labeled as so. Even if it means that my life will end, it is a better alternative than being one of “those people”! I am a proud father of a 4 year old girl. And although I made a terrible mistake, I am a good man. The judge in my divorce from my first wife, thought I was a good man. SHE,!! Gave me custody of my daughter in Texas!! Try it!! That’s not easy! And I did it!! I respect women, and I think true rape is a terrible crime that should be punished to the full extent of the law! But I know that even in the case of being falsely accused, I will never even come close to having justice. As far as I can see, my life is over.. Please pray for me. As I will pray for all of the true victims, and the falsely accused.

  99. Leigh Says:

    I have a friend who is serving time on a charge of 2nd degree rape(princable) He was just denied his appeal from the UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS
    FOR THE FOURTH CIRCUIT. Where does he go from here?

  100. Te Says:

    My son 13 has on going investigation on a complaint rape and other sex offenses when he was 12 to a 14 year old girl now 15. I know the girl is lying and heard her stories about her being molested by famly member, had miscarriage and also sexually active. My son don’t really know the girl it just happened one night when we sleep over in a friend’s house. It happened in February 5 but reported by a friend of the girl in August. The Deputy said that he might drop the case but said he needs more investigation about the case. Are there parents who have similar cases with my son ? needed help and insights if you have.

  101. Te Says:

    in the room where they slept were 7 children and three of these were witness that nothing happened..these three kids also were up the whole time and if the case will be drop of lack of evidence..can the girl be counter charge for what she did?

  102. Upset Wife Says:

    I am very upset as I have pushed my husband into allowing my estranged step-daughter(his daughter) and her friend to spend time at our home. I kept urging him to try to rekindle his relationship with his daughter which diminished after our wedding(she didn’t take it very well). They first stayed a night with my sister-in-law and then my mother & father-in-law. When my in-laws bring them over they reported she said some odd things and did some odd things. I laughed and said I was a teenager too at one time and didn’t give it another thought. They decided to take my 7 year old son and sleep in the family camper instead of in the house. Again, we didn’t think it odd. As we got up this morning, there were police as well as their parents in our driveway. My step-daughter’s friend advised them that my husband sexually assaulted her(we assume this is what she said as the police will give us very little info) in our family hot tub while everyone else slept. They have not arrested my husband and I know for a fact this is false because what the girl didn’t know is my husband is bi-polar and takes medication which makes an arousal VERY VERY rare. He also does NOT take any kind of Viagra or anything like that. So I made him an appt with a very good criminal defense atty and we’re hoping this all blows over. I just am afraid to tell any of our friends or very many of our family as society is so judgemental about the issue. We have ALWAYS had kids running around the house & NEVER had anything like this happen…perhaps we have learned a VERY bad lesson?

  103. hcg1234 Says:

    I seldom create remarks, however i did some searching and wound up here Billoblog ® » Blog Archive » False Rape Accusations Are Not Rare. And I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be simply me or does it appear like some of the comments appear like they are left by brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are writing on additional social sites, I’d like to follow everything fresh you have to post. Would you list of every one of your community sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  104. Joe Says:

    A good rule of thumb is to never have sex with a female the first night you meet her, whether you meet her at a party, or its a first date. And don’t have sex with her until you know her. One time a girl accused me of raping her, even though she initiated all sexual contact. She said this to me when I called her up to see her again. She never reported it, but I was very nervious for several weeks that I could be arrested. She obviously had mental issues. I didn’t know her. It was a first date. Never again.

  105. Sharoane Says:

    Hi there

    To all you men who have had a false allegation and been arrested there is hope, there is an up and coming lobby to parliament to change the law and practice the Germans way of dealing with false allegations, which has been a deterent in women.

    You false accuse and found to be lying then THEY DO THE SENTENCE


  106. Raemu8 Says:

    I had a friend who was threatened by the girl he was dating that she would accuss him of rape if he broke up with her. Don’t tell there’s not a lot women out there who are doing this. It’s the fact that they can get away with this so easily that they do it.

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