Pathology cases — stab wound or gunshot wound?

This is a case of a man shot multiple times.  On external examination, one of the wounds looked suspiciously like a stab wound, which changed the complexion of the case a bit.   Here’s the orientation view of the injury:

Here’s a close-up:


As you can see, it looks very much like a double-edged blade wound.  However, on internal examination, there was an obvious wound path between a gunshot entrance wound on the other side of the body and this exit wound, and the number of entrances, exits, and retained projectiles all added up nicely.  We’ve all been taught that an exit wound can be a “slit-like” wound, but this is stunningly similar to a sharp force injury.  The only real thing that makes it look like an exit wound is the surrounding faint ecchymosis, which I tend to see in gunshot wounds and does not look like a hilt mark.  Nonetheless, I’m sure that someone out that probably has seen that halo in a stab wound as well.  Here’s a better photo showing the faint ecchymosis:

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